What is the Rebreather for? And where can I find it?

The Rebreather in Sons of the Forest is a vital item that is used to progress the game in order to unlock other essential tools & weapons. It allows players to swim deep underwater without drowning. The Rebreather can be found in a cave along the coast, located on the North side of the map.

How to get the Rebreather

If you want to reach the Rebreather, you need to find the boarded-up cave entrance with two yellow buckets in the water. Once you get inside, you will have to use a lighter/torch in order to see in the dark up until you get to the large chamber where there it isn't as dark. You will find the Rebreather near the player-made campfire.

We suggest bringing a stack of twigs that you can utilize by spreading small campfires as you progress through the cave, as well as preparing emergency supplies such as food, water, medicine & explosives before attempting to explore the cave. 

Did you know?

The rebreather automatically equips once underwater, and players must dive into the nearby pool of water that leads out into the open sea and swim back to shore. However, they must be careful as there is a shark swimming around. We suggest killing the shark with a bow or a ranged weapon before entering the water.

Now that you have the Rebreather, you're able to explore the deep waters of the caves of the Island and even swim in the Sea. I know its a scary thing to take on a shark by yourself, that's why it is a great idea to bring your friends into this.

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