Project Zomboid is a great isometric survival horror game where you’ll face off against hordes of zombie foes while gathering loot to ensure your survival. It features a large open-world sandbox map, hardcore RPG elements, a variety of vehicles and much more.

While Project Zomboid can be fun on your own, it is a much better experience with friends and Hostari’s personal server offers can help you to play together on a Project Zomboid dedicated server.

What is a Project Zomboid dedicated server?

A dedicated server in Project Zomboid is a fully hosted world so that you and your survivor friends can jump in at any time without relying on a host being online.

If the host of the Project Zomboid world you are playing on is not online, you will not be able to continue playing. With Hostari’s Project Zomboid dedicated servers, you can host and manage a server of up to 16 players!

Playing on a dedicated server in Project Zomboid can minimize any connection issues, with up to 4GB offered through Hostari compared to 1GB from other services.

How to join a Project Zomboid server

Joining your Project Zomboid dedicated server couldn’t be easier once you’re in the game.

1. Open Project Zomboid and navigate to ‘Join’ via the main menu

2. Select the ‘Favorites’ tab at the top of the screen

3. Enter a nickname for you or your friends server

4. Enter the IP address and Port numbers that you can find from within your Hostari account

5. Enter a password if required and choose your username

6. Click add and then click join server and you’re in


It is very easy to set up your dedicated Project Zomboid server. With Hostari, server set up is instant and the tedious process gets eliminated! If you want to try it for yourself, sign up here and enjoy your 24-hour commitment-free trial! Read up this Project Zomboid server commands to keep you guided.