Well, we knew this day would come. The Valheim Mistlands update is now finally open for public beta testing, which means you can try and test the new content before it goes into full launch!

But you might be wondering.. how can I play the upcoming Mistlands public test? How can I join in? And what's in this new update?

Here we will go over everything you need to know as well as what steps you need to take to participate in the Valheim Mistlands public test server!

How to enter Valheim Mistlands public testing?

You need to do two things before we can enter a Valheim Mistlands public test server. First, of course, you need to own a Valheim game on either Steam or PC Game Pass. Second, ready your server hosted in order to play it with your friends.

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Once you got everything set, you can now follow this step-by-step guide:

1. Play Valheim Mistlands public beta branch via Steam

To play the Mistlands public beta version of Valheim, right-click on Valheim in your Steam library and then select "Properties", then select “Betas” and type in the code “yesimadebackups” then download the Valheim Public Test.

2. Play Valheim Mistlands public testing server via Microsoft or PC Game Pass

For Microsoft / PC Game Pass, launch the Xbox Insider Hub app. Go to "Preview" and select Valheim Public Test. Then click “Join.”

Once the registration is complete, you will be directed to the Store where you should be able to install the "Valheim Public Test".

What to expect in Valheim Mistlands?

The Mistlands will only generate in areas you haven’t explored yet. If you have exhausted your current world, it may be best to start a new one so that you can visit the Mistlands.

Mods will most likely cause the game not to launch because they are only compatible with the live version of it. This Mistlands initial public beta release does not support mods. So, if you have mods, it's either you will have to unmod your server and revert it back to its normal state (Vanilla). This process might cause you to lose items, builds and other add-ons that your mods added to your game, so make sure to have all your worlds backed up.

Lucky you, Hostari has reliable back up features so you won't have worry about losing your game progress and save files! Once everything's good, you'll now ready to explore the mysteries of Mistlands.

So, what are the new things about Valheim Mistlands?

1. Mist-y Magics!

An entire spell casting system, new non-hostile enemies, new mushroom farm and new monsters beyond your imagination are waiting for you!

2. Brand new enemies and bosses

In the foggy terrain of Mistlands, you might encounter 5 new enemies, 2 new animals, 2 NPCs, and 1 lady boss called The Queen! Be prepared Viking because its another round of an awesome battle you'll face.

3. New ways to create and build your things

Various crafting tools, items and weapons have been added in Valheim Mistlands. If you're into crafting, you'll be able to make a lot of new items like magical staves, two-handed weapons, ranged weapons and more! There's even blood magic where you can summon undead allies to fight for you!

4. Fresh food and potions

There are also new food items and potions in Valheim Mistland. You'll be able to cook up some new recipes which gives you a new status boost called "Eitr" that allows you to cast spells.

5. More ways to design your home

There are new building and furniture items in Valheim Mistlands. You'll be able to build your own throne, create your monster traps, and even design your home with curtains and carpets.

6. You can go fishing

Yes, you'll now be able catch fishes. Once you've caught a one, you can use it as bait for other types of fish or cook it up for a delicious meal! Also, you can improve your stamina, as well as the speed at which you are able to use and pull when you fish.

7. Custom hairstyles, beards, and more!

In Valheim Mistlands, not only you'll encounter new posts and mines, but also, you'll experience a whole new music score, hairstyles, emotions, and even dreams!

Once you’ve downloaded the Mistlands custom build and followed the instructions above, you should be good to go!

Spoiler Alert: The full access of Mistlands is OUT!

Watch this one-minute video below to see the new things to. You can also check out the 0.212.7 patch notes from the Valheim devs.

Don't miss out the mystical Mistlands adventure waiting for you. Sign up here now to get a free trial of your Valheim dedicated server! And if you are brave enough for a challenge, check out our Mistlands video contest here.