Many players noticed visual similarities between the game Unturned and Roblox. But is Unturned really from Roblox?

Unturned is a zombie survival game where you can create maps and play with other players or even solo.

In this article, we'll discuss the difference between Roblox and Unturned and why you need a dedicated game server to enjoy Unturned.

What is Unturned?

Unturned is a zombie survival game in a fictional world where you are dropped into one of many randomly generated maps. The game aims to survive as long as possible by scavenging for supplies and weapons.

You can play alone or with friends, but most players get the best out of this game by playing it with their friends.

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Unturned multiplayer option gives another level of gameplay experience for you and your pals. You can choose from the survival mode to the arena battle mode to show off how well you can survive its hostile environment.

You can team up with them or fight each other to add more impact and thrill but always stay Unturned, ok?

Is Unturned from Roblox?

Unturned was developed by Nelson Sexton, who previously worked at Roblox and then decided to leave to focus on Unturned.

Nelson Sexton's Unturned is not from Roblox but instead was born from his experiences and inspirations from Roblox.

To put things straight, Nelson Sexton worked at Roblox for some time and had his game development participation with Battlefield and Deadzone. With those learning experiences, he created his own game, Unturned.

TRIVIA: Did you know that Nelson Sexton developed Unturned when he was just in High School?

Roblox is more of a platform for building different types of 3D games than a single title like Unturned.

You can download several titles from the Roblox website for free. Still, many require additional purchases within the game itself—just like buying extra clothing items at Target might cost extra money beyond what you paid for your shirt itself.

Unturned, on the other hand, may sound like something out of The Walking Dead (or another similar show or movie).

It's a free online zombie survival game with some similarities in visual styles to Roblox games. You can play it alone or with others to add more excitement and fun.

The visual styles of Unturned and Roblox may somehow look the same, but that's just it ---- they don't share any relationship at all.

Is Unturned Free?

Unturned is free to play. This means you can download the game for free from Steam.

Once you’re playing Unturned, there are many opportunities for earning money in-game through various tasks such as unlocking achievements, completing quests, collecting items, or killing zombies.

If you want to unlock its premium content permanently for your character slots, customization options, suits, and accessories, and get a Golden Katana and Golden Desert Falcon skins, you'll need a whooping.... 3.11 USD!

With all those perks, I think 3.11 USD is free in a way, what do you think?

Do I Need a Dedicated Server?

If you want to play Unturned smoothly, a dedicated server is highly recommended.

A dedicated game server is a machine that hosts your game and gives you full control over it. You can use the server to host your Unturned games or rent it out to others and make money from hosting their games.

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We have a minimum spec of 128GB Ram and Intel Core i9 9900K processors, which are perfect for playing Unturned with 16 players in a single server.

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The ultimate zombie survival game.

Unturned is a zombie survival game that you can play online with your friends, family, or alone. You can play it with your dog, and you can even play it with your cat (just kidding)! This game is very popular among players of all ages, and it's easy to learn how to play this game.


Unturned is not from Roblox. These two games are way different from each other in various aspects.

Roblox is a game platform for games like Jailbreak, Adopt Me!, Royal High, and much more.

On the other hand, Unturned is a zombie survival game made by Nelson Sexton (a former Roblox employee) that's been quite associated with Roblox because of its visual style. Still, they don't show any relationship at all.

So, are you now ready to start your zombie-infested game?

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