Elevating your CS:GO gameplay isn't just about aiming precision; it's about strategic smoke placements that can shape the course of a match. Perfecting smoke grenade spots is a competitive game-changer, and here's how you can hone this skill.

Custom Server: Your Personal Smoke Practice Ground

Jumping straight into a competitive match without knowing the pivotal smoke placements can dent your team's winning chances. Avoid the guesswork by dedicating time to practise in a custom server environment.

Step-by-Step to Setting Up a Smoke Practice Environment:

1. Create a Custom Server in CS:GO:

Harnessing CS:GO's developer tools lets you simulate a controlled environment conducive for smoke practice.

  • Launch CS:GO.

  • Activate the developer console with the "`" key (or the designated key in your settings).

  • Input “map [desired map name]” to initiate a custom server. Replace [desired map name] with map names like "mirage," "dust2," "anubis," "ancient," "vertigo," "inferno," "overpass," or "nuke."

2. Implement Server Commands for Practice Optimization:

The default settings of your custom server won't be tailored for smoke practice. Refine the environment with specific console commands to foster optimal practice conditions.

3. Prioritise Key Smoke Spots:

Professionals may know a plethora of spots, but for most competitive players, mastering a select few can drastically elevate gameplay.

  • Mirage: Prioritize spots like A Stairs, A Jungle, and Top Mid.

  • Inferno: Key areas include A Coffins, CT Spawn, and A Short.

  • Overpass: B Heaven, B Walkway, and Park Connector are pivotal.

  • Nuke: Focus on Garage, A Vent, and B Double Doors.

  • Vertigo: Essential spots are A Heaven, B Cooler, and Top Mid.

  • Ancient: Master A Tunnel, A Street, and Top Mid.

  • Anubis: Key areas include A Connector, A Plateau, and Top Mid.

  • Dust II: Emphasize on Xbox, A Cross, and CT Spawn.

Consistency is the key. Equip yourself with the right smoke knowledge, and watch your gameplay soar to new competitive heights. Preparing for CS2? Read our CS2 preview here for release date insights and speculations.