GMod and Server Hosters

Garry's Mod truly exceeds expectations, all thanks to dedicated server hosters. A novice player may enter Gmod's sandbox mode and fail to appreciate its greatness even after spending some time playing around. However, with a vast collection of games and game modes available online, Gmod offers an unparalleled gaming experience for players worldwide. These extraordinary modes range from social deduction games to role-playing scenarios that have been so influential they've spilled over into other popular titles such as Minecraft! Among these illustrious offerings lies Trouble in Terrorist Town (TTT), which has rightfully earned its place among the best Gmod game modes ever created.

We present to you the most exceptional Gmod game modes in our top 10 list:

  • Trouble in Terrorist Town
  • Prophunt
  • DarkRP
  • Sandbox
  • Starwars RP
  • gRust
  • Zombie Survival
  • SCP-RP
  • DeathrunMurder

Trouble in Terrorist Town

In today's world, social deduction games have gained immense popularity and TTT is no exception. It can be argued that this game mode was one of the first to offer a great experience in this genre as it offers players three roles- Innocent, Detective, and Traitor. The aim of the game is for players to use weapons obtained from around the map to solve murders or uncover bodies in order to determine who among them is the traitor. Once identified, all players work together using their weapons to eliminate said traitor. To enhance gameplay, Gmod Minecraft maps are often utilized alongside numerous other plugins which contribute greatly towards creating an entertaining ambiance during matches. Without a doubt, everyone agrees that Garry's Mod maps donning a Minecraft theme are undoubtedly some of the best!


We all know the fond memories that come from playing a classic game of hide & seek. However, as we grow older, the traditional format can become repetitive and lose its excitement. That's where Prophunt steps in to reignite those nostalgic feelings with an innovative twist! In this Gmod version of hide-and-seek, players have the opportunity to transform into physical household objects or even entire vehicles - taking concealment strategies to new heights.

As Seekers attempt to locate Hiders throughout each round, they must be careful not to attack any non-player objects which will result in damage dealt back at them. If enough damage is inflicted on themselves by mistake it could lead to their demise and end the round prematurely - adding extra tension for both parties involved. Meanwhile, Hiders can either wait for this scenario or strive towards finding a prime hiding spot where no one would ever find them!


Don't be fooled by its name - Gmod DarkRP is not as dark as you might think! While the various job options may have a slightly shady undertone, the overall objectives of this game mode are far from sinister. Upon joining, players can select their preferred role - whether that's an underground weapons dealer or even Chief of Police. From here, gamers can immerse themselves in lively roleplay scenarios while simultaneously earning virtual currency to purchase their very own abode. Once secured, players can enjoy decorating and personalizing their homes or simply kick back and relax after a long day on the server. However, it's wise to arm oneself with a weapon early on should any pesky thieves come knocking at your door!


Playing Gmod Singleplayer may not seem like the most exciting option, but with this game, it certainly can be! Thanks to the array of tools offered by DarkRP and a dedicated server for you and your friends, building top-notch vehicles or even spaceships is entirely possible. In fact, with access to Gmod's Spawnlist and unlimited creative freedom at your fingertips, there are virtually no limits as to what can be achieved.

If multiplayer action is more up your alley though, fear not! There are countless Sandbox servers available in the browser offering everything from free-building opportunities to engaging mini-games. Essentially functioning like an everlasting Halo Forge world built specifically for you and all of your closest pals - Gmod Sandbox presents endless possibilities for imaginative fun.

Starwars RP

You might be taken aback by this, but Garry's Mod has managed to captivate Star Wars enthusiasts in a remarkable way. Despite having no direct correlation with the movie franchise, it hasn't stopped the role-playing community from creating some of the most sought-after servers on Gmod that are entirely based on Starwars! The imported models depicting every element present in The Clone Wars add an aura of authenticity and make players feel like they've entered a galaxy far far away. Although unusual, this game mode is truly spectacular for diehard fans who live and breathe everything related to Star Wars.


If you are among the many who love Rust and its dedicated servers, then this game mode will satisfy your cravings. It's astonishing how Gmod has accurately recreated all of Rust's aspects that play out so well. However, for long-term Gmod players, it may seem a bit bizarre at first. Nonetheless, the gameplay is strikingly faithful to Rust and features everything great about it- from AI scientists defending high-priority monuments to an entirely new map that promises a unique experience. Despite occasional server population issues, trying this game mode is definitely worth your while!

Zombie Survival

Looking for an exhilarating game mode that will get your heart racing? Look no further than this straightforward yet thrilling option in Gmod. Here, you'll join forces with other survivors to fend off relentless hordes of undead attackers - but beware: death means joining their ranks and fighting against your former teammates!

With the added intensity of being immersed in some of the scariest horror maps out there, this mode is sure to keep you on edge at all times. But don't fret too much - every hit against a zombie earns valuable points that can be used to unlock new equipment and give you a leg up against these monstrous foes.

Whether playing on public dedicated servers or hosting private matches with friends, one thing is certain: this game mode offers non-stop thrills and endless opportunities for excitement. Don't miss out on the action!


Although it may seem similar to SCP: Secret Laboratory, this game mode actually takes on a different approach akin to Jailbreak. Even in Gmod, where it isn't included in the list of popular modes, Jailbreak remains an entertaining option that splits players into two groups - one trying to escape while the other attempts to keep them trapped. By combining elements of SCP with the familiar gameplay of Jailbreak, countless opportunities for immersive roleplay are opened up. Overall, if you're already a fan of Jailbreak's thrill and excitement then rest assured that this unique game mode will provide plenty more good times!


This Gmod game mode is immensely popular and has been adapted into numerous sandbox games due to its widespread appeal. Our previous article on the Best Multiplayer Minecraft Adventure Maps featured this mode, as it offers a thrilling experience regardless of which game you're playing. The Droppers are chosen among one or a few players who take charge of designing an intricate maze full of challenges that the Runners must overcome while being careful not to fall for any traps laid out by the masterminds behind it all. From gas attacks to disappearing floors, everything can be used against them! Once a Runner successfully completes the course, they get transported straight to where the Dropper is located and can seek sweet revenge in their own way.

Gmod Murder

Finally, here's another intriguing social deduction game that will put your friendship bonds to the test. One player takes on the role of a cold-blooded murderer armed with an instant-kill knife while other players work together to gather weapons for their self-defense. Who do you think will emerge victorious? Each round also features one citizen who holds a gun capable of taking down the killer but only has a single bullet at their disposal. The murderers must act swiftly and discreetly before anyone suspects them! This exciting game shares similarities with Trouble in Terrorist Town minus all those intense shootouts. Make sure to grab Counter Strike Source if you want access to many game servers and other maps requiring those resources for optimal gameplay experience! Alternatively, try joining "Vanilla" tagged multiplayer servers or rent/host your own Gmod server instead!

Other Games with Different Game Modes & Servers

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