You can play Core Keeper by yourself, but it really shines through with friends. With a vast playable area and hours and hours of content, we believe that the best way to enjoy the game is with a group of people experiencing it together.

With so much to explore and find, there’s no question that playing with friends makes the game less difficult. But the experience is completely changed when the NPCs in your base are replaced by people that you know.

At Hostari, we believe Core Keeper is best enjoyed with pals! With our Core Keeper dedicated servers, you can enjoy a brilliant multiplayer experience with no lag or slowdowns. 

Are you prepared to explore the world of the Core? Read our multiplayer guide below!

Can You Play Core Keeper Multiplayer?

Yes! You can play Core Keeper with up to eight friends! Core Keeper launched player-hosted multiplayer features in March 2022, and added dedicated servers with May’s ‘Sunken Sea’ update.

Exploring the world of the Core with others has always been part of Pugstorm’s vision for the game, and multiplayer features have evolved incredibly quickly since the game was released into early access.

Why Should You Play Core Keeper Multiplayer?

Core Keeper is so much better with friends. With many things to do and keep track of, playing with friends means that you have support along the way. And, with Core Keeper constantly throwing you into the deep end with minimal support, having friends along the way can make figuring out the Core world more fun for everyone.

The experience is just much more fun with people alongside you, as Pugstorm’s vast world can eventually feel cold and lonely alone, as with any sandbox game. Playing with friends enhances the experience, and provides an entirely new way to play the game if you’ve had your fun with it alone for hours and hours.

With Core Keeper’s simplistic, retro approach, playing multiplayer is fun and easy. No need for lobbies or anything, just enter the Game ID and you’re in! Meaning that trying multiplayer is a no-brainer. And, with our 24hr free trial, it’s easier than ever to try exploring a new world with your friends on a dedicated server!

How To Play Core Keeper Multiplayer

You can play Core Keeper with your friends either through ‘player hosting’ or a dedicated server. To enter a Core Keeper multiplayer game, click the ‘Join Game’ selection in the game’s main menu, and paste in the Game ID of the player you want to join.

Don’t know which option is better for you? Let’s go through the benefits and drawbacks of player hosting and dedicated servers!

Player Hosting

Player Hosting is incredibly simple but has a lot of flaws. Just copy the designated world’s Game ID into the Join Game selection and you’re in! 

This is a very simple way to invite your friends to help you in your game for a quick session but has tons of drawbacks if you want to truly experience the game with your friends. 

You have to be in the world for your friends to be able to join, which means none of your friends can play in your world if you’re unable to play on the server. Also, if the host has a bad internet connection, it can be detrimental to the whole team’s experience.

Dedicated Servers

Dedicated servers can seem confusing at first, but is a much better solution for you and your friends to experience Core Keeper together. You can leave a dedicated server running so your friends can play without you needing to host, meaning you can play the game on your terms.

That being said, server setup can be confusing and can be taxing for your computer’s health. It can also lead to increased energy costs and can make your internet’s bandwidth suffer, depending on how good your internet is.

At Hostari, we believe that running a dedicated server should allow you to spend more time in the game, and not have to worry about the complicated parts of setting up your own server. 

  • That’s why we offer affordable and reliable dedicated server hosting
  • Our servers provide excellent connections worldwide and exceptionally high ping in North America, meaning that you’ll never have to deal with lag or connection issues. 
  • Our servers are incredibly powerful. With a minimum specification of 128GB RAM and i9 9900K CPUs, you’ll never have to worry about whether your computer is good enough to host your friends. We’ll be able to handle that load for you. And, with the ability to access the server whenever you want, your friends don’t have to rely on your computer and use up tons of energy to be online to play in your joint world. Just turn on your server from the control panel, and that’s it! 
  • We provide a free 24hr trial for you and your friends, with no credit card required and no commitment. Plus, joining us requires no long-term commitment and no strings attached, meaning that you can opt out whenever you’d like!

Experience The World Of Core Keeper Together With Hostari

So, that’s why you should give Core Keeper’s multiplayer a try! Playing Core Keeper with your friends has never been easier. And, with the addition of dedicated servers, you can play Core Keeper with your friends on your terms, putting your experience fully into your hands.

If you want to try out Core Keeper with your friends on a dedicated server with no stress and hassle, Hostari is here for you. Our Core Keeper dedicated server are available to rent and use whenever, meaning that you and your friends can focus on the game, whenever you want.

Why not give us a try today? We offer powerful servers, 24/7 support, and a 24-hour free trial with no credit card required.