A Primer on Farming & Crafting in Enshrouded

Enshrouded on Steam
In the richly detailed world of Enshrouded, players embark on an adventure that requires not only combat prowess but also a deep understanding of crafting, farming, and cooking to ensure survival and growth. This guide uncovers the locations, uses, and farming recipes pivotal to thriving in the game's expansive landscape.

Crafting Essentials and Resource Locations

Crafting is a cornerstone of gameplay, with resources scattered across the game's world, each serving specific purposes. Here's a brief overview of how to acquire and use some essential resources:
  • Bonemeal: Crafted using bones, this is a quick process at the Grinding Stones station, vital for various recipes​​.
  • Coal Powder: A result of crafting Charcoal and then processing it further with Charcoal and a Grinding Stone, essential for high-tier crafting​​.
  • Dried Fur: Requires the Hunter from the Hunter’s Ancient Vault and a Drying Rack at your base. It's crafted using Animal Fur and Salt​​.
  • Linen: Unlocked by interacting with the Hunter NPC and completing a quest to retrieve the Hunter’s Hand Spindle, then crafted using Flax​​.
  • Obsidian Ore: A rare resource found primarily around the Nomad Highlands Ancient Spire, requiring a strategic approach to mining​​.
  • Salt: Crucial for Hunters and Stealth Builds, best farmed in the Shroud's Salt Mines or found in vases around key game locations​​.

Farming Recipes and Crop Selection

Farming in Enshrouded is unique, offering a variety of seedlings to grow, each with specific requirements and benefits. From Aloe Seedlings, requiring sand and nitrate, to Wheat Seedlings, needing water and fossilized bone dust, players can cultivate a wide range of crops. The choice of crops impacts the food you can cook and the benefits derived from them​​.

Cooking Recipes for Sustenance and Strength

Cooking is another critical survival skill in Enshrouded, transforming raw ingredients into meals that provide significant buffs. Here are a few highlights from the array of dishes you can prepare:
  • Fruit Bowl: Combines honey, strawberries, purple berries, and yucca fruit for health regeneration and stamina recharge​​.
  • Grilled Game Meat: Utilizes raw game for a boost in constitution​​.
  • Vegetable Soup: A mix of forest beets, water, salt, bell pepper, and tomato, enhancing dexterity​​.
The game also emphasizes the importance of Amber farming, a somewhat elusive material found in specific locations around Embervale, such as the Revelwood Ancient Spire. Amber is crucial for crafting powerful items at the Flame Altar and Blacksmith, from strengthening the Flame to creating defensive gear like the Guardian Chestplate and Mercenary Chest​​.


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