With a red hue cast over the landscape due to an eclipse, your rented Conan Exiles server has been graced with a captivating update that concludes the Age of Sorcery in grand style. Brimming with fresh attributes, this latest update is by far the most momentous since its inception. The game now boasts exciting new elements such as bounty hunting and witch hunting alongside potent dark magic and extraordinary sorceries featured exclusively in Conan Exiles Ages of Sorcery.

Chapter 3 introduces a host of thrilling new features that are sure to amaze and delight you, especially when played with your friends! The Age of Sorcery's final chapter is packed with revamped old favorites, stunning cosmetic updates, as well as innovative additions such as the awe-inspiring Golem Shaping. These game-changing elements will completely transform your Conan Exiles experience by allowing you to delve deeper into Kurak's enigma through an enhanced journey system.

Unlock a world of adventure and magic with the Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 update! Join forces with your comrades to uncover all that this thrilling new release has in store. But don't take our word for it, just look back at how the previous updates introduced us to epic tales of sorcery and corruption through Chapters 1 & 2. It's time to raise your swords and prepare for battle once again!

With an array of updates including a complete revamp to the building system, attractive perks and traits, reliable thralls and much more; it's no surprise that Conan Exiles has been on everyone's lips. To keep yourself up-to-date with all the developments that have taken place so far, we recommend perusing our comprehensive news articles covering Age of Sorcery Chapter 1 and Age of Sorcery Chapter 2. Once you're well-versed in these areas, get ready to be amazed by what the Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 update has in store for us!

Experience the magic of Conan Exiles with the Age of Sorcery Chapter 3 update! The new "Exiles Journey" system will lead you and your companions towards becoming a true master of sorcery, taking you through every step to become a survivor, warrior, archer, armorer, and more. Don't miss out on exciting rewards as well that'll help elevate your gameplay experience.

The Mek-Kamoses' Spire has also undergone an incredible transformation as part of this overhaul. Take in the stunning cosmetic rework before venturing inside where you'll meet Mek-Kamoses himself - waiting eagerly to impart his knowledge to those seeking ultimate mastery over sorcery. Get ready for an unforgettable adventure in Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery chapter 3!

New Golem Shaping

Are you ready for an exciting adventure with your friends? Get prepared to explore a newly enhanced area filled with diverse activities, including collecting resources and mastering Golem Shaping techniques. To become an expert in this skill, follow the comprehensive Golem Shaping Guide that covers everything from creation to purpose. You will embark on a mission assigned by Mek-Kamoses - a renowned sorcerer - to gather Blood Crystals, which are shrouded in mystery but said to be created from the blood of ancient Giant Kings that have solidified over time into crystals. These enchanted gems now possess a life force and animate creatures throughout the lands!

Gather your comrades and embark on a quest to vanquish these beasts, acquiring precious blood crystals in the process. These crystals will unlock the knowledge of shaping golems from Master Carver Huang, who is stationed near Mek-Kamoses' Spire. Once equipped with this know-how, you and your fellow magical warriors can construct both a Golem Workbench and Guardian Assembly Station. Then it's simply a matter of crafting each piece of the golem using the workbench before assembling them into an awe-inspiring whole at the assembly station!

If you want your golem to be the most formidable, then it's crucial to choose materials wisely. Without a doubt, pure blood crystals are the strongest option. Once that's settled, customize your golem with a fitting weapon. By affixing an axe or scythe on its arm at the workbench, you'll enhance its abilities in felling trees or harvesting plants respectively. Of course, every golem needs direction- give yours a purpose by defining its mission and goals as part of the final step in creating this powerful creature!

The moment a golem is brought to life, it becomes your loyal protector and will fight off any threats using the weapon you provide. By stocking up its inventory with materials, the golem can automatically gather them in proximity while equipped with the correct tool. To transform this creature into a formidable war machine of your design, try experimenting at the golem workbench where you can create impressive modifications such as equipping it with a lightning-conducting guardian head or empowering it further by attaching a lotus burner guardian torso.

By incorporating brimstone or tar into the creation process, golems can acquire unique abilities such as smothering foes with a gas cloud or laying down flammable puddles. However, bear in mind that these constructs are not repairable and will gradually deteriorate over time. In case of deterioration, you have the option to fashion another one at your nearest golem-shaping workshop. During your exploits across Exiled Lands, you'll stumble upon better-quality components for crafting more advanced versions of this fantastic creature. With an assortment of weapons and parts available to choose from, we're eager to witness what kind of golems players develop on their Conan Exiles servers!

New Kurak Boss Dungeon

Prepare yourself and your comrades for a fierce battle in the upcoming Kurak Boss Dungeon. The notorious sorcerer, Kurak will be awaiting to clash with you head-on, putting an end to his dangerous spread of dark magic that has been causing mayhem. Finally marking the epic culmination of Age of Sorcery's storyline journey; are you ready?

The Battle Pass and Bazaar items have also been updated in chapter 3 like they were before - adding more exciting challenges and thrilling rewards. Players can gain access to exclusive perks upon purchasing the pass while still earning tons of treasures as they complete each task.

It's finally time! You can now experience this legendary finale by playing Conan Exiles Update Chapter 3 alongside your fellow magicians who seek out their destiny!

Try Conan Exiles: Age of Sorcery Chapter 3

There are countless opportunities to discover in the new update, including an updated travel system and the ability to shape golems. You have the chance to either create a dominant golem as your ally or become skilled in Mek-Kamoses' arts. Experience this exciting update by testing it on your personal Conan Exiles server! Rent a Conan Exiles Server today!

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