You can take efficiency to the next level with your Rust server thanks to the Rust Industrial update! This update was released by Facepunch Studios, and it's all about automating and creating stuff. You can store, smell, and transfer things in an endless number of ways with automated conveyor belts and other tools.

In addition to lots of new items and machines, Hapis Island is being retired, but it looks like it's for the better. Here are the details on the map changes, machines, automation, and more.

There are New Tools, Items, and Machines in the Rust Industrial Update. The Rust Industrial update is a big focus on new tools, items, and machines. Learn about each of these new tools and industrial systems below so you and your friends can optimize the efficiency and automation of your Rust server!

A Storage Adapter It's the first step in a lot of industrial plans. These adapters don't require any power and can be attached to any existing storage system on your server. They'll be able to be placed at different points in the storage so it's easy to put them in.

Generally, these placement points will allow input and output through the adapter, but there are some exceptions:

Using a furnace, the input inserts items into the fuel slots, while the output removes them.

Only one partition can be accessed if the adapter is attached to a locker.

Three storage adapters will let you access all partitions.

Storage adapters are good for: Tool Cupboards, Large Wooden Boxes, Small Wooden Boxes, Refinery, Electric Furnace, Lockers, Fridges, Drop boxes, Vending Machines, Industrial Conveyors.

In the Rust Industrial update, the Industrial Conveyor handles moving items from one storage to another using storage adapters.

There are 16 storage adapters on each conveyor and the conveyor will move whatever it can between them. You can use conveyor filters to set up more precise movement and batch amounts for your items.

The Filter Pass and Filter Fail electrical passthrough features let you control other parts of your industrial network based on what you're moving. Pipe tools are like wire or hose tools, able to place four different colors of pipes. They're used to connect conveyors, storage systems, and other industrial stuff.

If you're placing pipes, make sure they're a few feet apart and can't go through building blocks and vending machines. Industrial Splitter & Combiner From Rust Industrial Update, you can funnel and divide the flow of items using Industrial Splitters and Industrial Combiners.

Conveyors that are connected to storage connections will spread their resources across all storage connections. The conveyor will send 300 pieces of wood to three storage boxes if it's connected to a splitter with three storage boxes.

With the Industrial Crafter, you can automate the crafting of items using a blueprint and the required materials. Attach it to your workbench and you're good to go. In the slots you'll insert a blueprint and materials, it's going to turn on and start making stuff for you.

The Electric Furnace is more powerful than a regular furnace. It requires electricity to run and can melt metal faster. It doesn't produce charcoal either.

New Server Convar Options:

server.conveyorMoveFrequency – How often conveyors attempt a move (default 5s)

server.industrialCrafterFrequency – How often crafters attempt to craft something (default 5s)

server.maxItemStacksMovedPerTickIndustrial – How many whole stacks a conveyor can move in a single tick (default 12)

Server Changes and Rust Improvements:

Improved server performance for chains of water containers

You can now increase the blur quality of depth of field through the option graphics.dof_kernel_count (0,1,2,3)

Can disable particle and animator LOD for cinematics (graphics.disableParticleLod and graphics.disableAnimatorLod)

The server name no longer appears in the Rust+ menu if streamer mode is active Codelock default options have been changed around

There are now several different varieties of train loot wagons (different sets of crates)

Fixes Changelog Fixed behavior when attempting to spectate a player via the admin tools when another player with the same name is on the server

Kicking a player via the admin tools will now correctly use the supplied kick reason Fixed an issue where the admin UI would no longer function if the player disconnected from the server while the UI is open

Fixed aggressive rowboat LOD levels (details disappeared too soon)

Fixed incorrect notes on bass guitar and xylobone when using MIDI input

Fixed missing ceiling collision in water treatment plant "pigeon nest" building

Fixed code lock lights no longer being visible through transparent objects like glass Fixed Blackjack tables using hold-to-dismount if the hold to dismount convar was set above zero

Fixed sfx playing incorrectly if a shot ends while an sfx is triggered in the demo editor Fixed gibs sometimes failing to spawn after a while when scrubbing through a demo Hapis is Retiring Forever

The loss of Hapis Island, a static map in Rust that was just too resource-intensive, was necessary with all the great changes.

Here's a quote from Facepunch Studio's latest blog:

"We're a small development team with no dedicated staff focusing on map design and creation, our mapping attention is focused on procedural maps. Hapis has continuously been developed on the sidelines as a lower-priority project with any free time Petur has. Free time is harder to find nowadays as we focus more on larger, longer-term features with a higher level of polish. Hapis Island needs a lot of attention requiring hundreds of work hours to be polished and kept fresh, which we can't currently give it."

Even though it is unfortunate that we'll lose Hapis, we're sure it will lead to other positive changes as Rust advances. In addition to improving the custom map community, the focus is already on procedurally generated maps and adding new features. We're looking forward to seeing what Rust's future holds and how custom maps turn out!

Find out what the Rust Industrial Update is all about Are you ready to enter the Rust Industrial era?

It's time to check out these new automated tools and features in Rust Industrial. Now you can play Rust on your own Rust server with friends! Get your Rust Server Hosting! With conveyors, automatic crafting, splitters, pipes, adapters, and a furnace, you've got everything you need!