Harnessing Neutrality: The Complete Guide to Neutral-Type Pals in Palworld

In the vibrant world of Palworld, released in Early Access in 2024, players embark on an adventure filled with unique creatures known as Pals. Among these, Neutral-Type Pals stand out for their versatility and unique abilities, making them indispensable companions on your journey. This comprehensive guide explores the best Neutral-Type Pals in Palworld, highlighting their skills, locations, and how they can enhance your gameplay experience.

The Best of Neutral-Type Pals

  • Paladius: Topping the list is the majestic Paladius, renowned for its impressive Partner Skill that enables it to be ridden and execute a triple jump. This Pal also boasts both Neutral and Ice attacks, with the Pal Blast being particularly powerful, boasting a power value of 150. Paladius can be found north of the Deep Sand Dunes, making it a valuable ally for those capable of venturing into this high-level area​​.
  • Tocotoco: For those earlier in their adventure, the Tocotoco is an excellent addition. With its unique Eggbomb Launcher Partner Skill, Tocotoco transforms into a formidable weapon that acts like a bomb, making it perfect for damage output in the early game. Despite its short-lived presence in the team due to its self-destructive attack, its power is unmatched at earlier levels​​.
  • Ribbuny and Kingpaca: Ribbuny enhances the attack power of all Neutral Pals in your team and improves efficiency at the Weapon Workbench. Kingpaca, on the other hand, is notable for its exceptional durability and the ability to increase the player's weight limit by +100, making it a sturdy companion for transport and battle​​.
  • Lunaris: This Pal excels in handiwork, transporting, and gathering, making it a top-tier option for base operations. Its Partner Skill, Antigravity, increases the player's max carrying capacity, adding a strategic advantage in resource management​​.

Other Notable Neutral-Type Pals

  • Mozzarina and Woolipop are excellent for farming activities, with Partner Skills that produce Milk and Cotton Candy, respectively​​.
  • Melpaca offers wool production and can be ridden, making it versatile for farming and transport​​.
  • Eikthyrdeer shines in lumbering tasks with its ability to perform a double jump while mounted and its efficiency in cutting trees​​.
  • Nitewing serves as a flying mount, expanding your travel capabilities across Palworld​​.
  • Galeclaw can be used instead of a glider, allowing you to fire a gun while gliding, enhancing both mobility and combat potential.
  • Gorirat unleashes a primal fury that boosts its attack power, coupled with high work suitability in handiwork, lumbering, and transporting​​.
  • Grintale enhances Neutral attacks while mounted and contributes to gathering activities with its Plump Body Partner Skill​​.


Neutral-Type Pals in Palworld are the unsung heroes of versatility, offering a rich tapestry of abilities that cater to a wide range of player needs. From the battle-hardened Paladius, known for its formidable prowess in combat, to the versatile Lunaris, whose utility spans transportation, exploration, and resource management, these Pals become the backbone of any successful Palworld strategy. The inherent strength of Neutral-Type Pals lies in their adaptability; they seamlessly fit into various roles, making them indispensable for players aiming to thrive in the game's multifaceted environment. Whether engaging in epic battles, traversing the vast landscapes of Palworld, or optimizing base operations, leveraging the unique capabilities of Neutral-Type Pals can significantly elevate your gameplay experience.

Diving deeper into the world of Palworld, players will find that Neutral-Type Pals are pivotal in mastering the game's challenges. Each Pal comes with its set of skills and abilities, which, when strategically deployed, can turn the tide of battle, expedite resource collection, or make exploration a breeze. The journey to unlocking the full potential of these Pals is as rewarding as it is complex, urging players to explore beyond the surface and experiment with different combinations and strategies.

For those adventurers who are just as eager to master the nuances of Neutral-Type Pals as they are to embark on a grand journey in Palworld, a wealth of resources awaits. The official Palworld website and various community-driven guides offer in-depth analyses, tips, and strategies that delve into the specifics of each Pal, providing players with the knowledge needed to fully harness the power of their Neutral-Type companions.

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