Becoming friends with Virginia

This is how you befriend Virginia in Sons of the Forest, a co-op survival horror game. The game starts you off inside a helicopter with a search and rescue team while on a mission to find and rescue a CEO and his family on an unknown island.

Be patient and follow these steps if you want Virginia to become an ally in Sons of the Forest.

Once you're on the island, the first survival instinct is to find a proper location for your base. The starting locations can be the Beach, the Mountain, or the Forest. Upon creating your first save point or make-shift tent, you should be able to spot Virginia investigating your tent/base, the best approach is not to scare her off. Allow her to observe and realize that you're not a threat to her.

Now, you have to keep in mind that earning Virginia's trust is a very slow process. It might prove to be a little bit of a challenge because her trust may regress if you scare her away, she sometimes gives you gifts and that's the first sign of progress in building her trust in you and she will start being comfortable around your camp. You will know that Virginia has grown to trust you by seeing an interaction prompt when you get close to her. This should also be the time that you hand her one of your GPS trackers so you can keep track of where she is.

Comparison with Kelvin

You can't issue commands to Virginia as you can to Kelvin, but you can outfit her with different clothes and even give her guns. She will act in a similar manner to Kelvin, Virginia will sometimes take a break at your campfires. She'll even beat invading mutants and cannibals if you properly gear her up.


Virginia & Kelvin are very handy individuals when it comes to your survival. But having friends around is definitely more effective when it comes to survival games like Sons of The Forest, you could have up to an 8-player scaled survival experience.

In addition, the developer of Sons of The Forest, Endnight Games has teased the community in an interview saying that they are indeed working on a server build on the side.

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