Today we've learned it the hard way. If your companions Kelvin or Virginia get killed during incapacitation they are gone for good. What if we told you there was a way to bring them back? With these few steps, you should be able to resurrect your companions.

Here's how you can revive both companions.


First, you will have to find where your Sons of the Forest save file.

Search and then open your "RUN" tool on Windows and paste the link below and click OK.

(This is the format of how you should locate your save file. The terms that are in BOLD format will appear differently based on your PCUSERNAME, STEAMID, SAVEFILE) Singleplayer & Multiplayer folders will also differ depending on which mode your save file is in.


Second is locating the "GameStateSaveData.json", right-click it then choose "Open with" and Select the Notepad application. (If you can't see Notepad simply click "More Apps" it should open a drop-down with more options).

Once you open "GameStateSaveData.json, look for this line. (You can use CTRL+F to find the exact spot where its located).
 change it to
Then make sure you save the file.

The third step is to find and edit the SaveData.json using Notepad. (This part is tricky because of the number of lines of text, the trick is to follow the steps by using the Find Tool or CTRL+F and copy the text below).

Begin by using CTRL+F and search for TypeId\”:9 this will position your search tool to find the next value correctly.

Then search for \”State\”:6 which needs to be changed to State\”:2

Next is to give Kelvin back to health, find Health\”:0.0 and then change it to Health\”:100.0

Save the file!

And voila! Kelvin should be back from the dead again.


You can use the same method to bring back Virginia if she dies, but instead of TypeId/”:9, you need to look for TypeId/”:10.


Kelvin & Virginia may be alive but you might have to go to the location where he died and bring them back home safely.


Now that we've learned how hard it is to play without a companion and how grueling it is to bring them back to life, it wouldn't be a bad idea to bring friends into the game and increase your chances of surviving as well as have more friends to enjoy the game with especially when Sons of The Forest dedicated servers launches!

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