Free to Play Servers

The Operation Harsh Doorstop servers are here, and they're going to be awesome for everyone! Developed by a developer who was tired of games with loot boxes and predatory monetization without many features and gameplay, Operation Harsh Doorstop is a shooter game. By working hard and supporting the developer on Patreon, the community came together to make a shooter everyone could play.

Get it now and jump right into combat with your friends for free on Steam. Operation Harsh Doorstop will offer plenty of multiplayer battling mayhem with its early access launch and tons of additions coming soon.

Having learned about the mission, you can learn more about the server benefits of Operation Harsh Doorstop hosting below before starting your own battles! From friendly rockets misfiring at teammates to real-time standoffs with enemies.

You can pick up Operation Harsh Doorstop and play on servers right away since it's free. Bullets fly across the battlefield as you play Warfare with Friends.

Community Driven Direction

With their Patreon community, the developer has made the game free to make it fun and accessible for everyone. By getting the game for free, you can save money, so you can focus on making the perfect server for you, your friends, and other players!

With a focus on making the game accessible to everyone, there are some powerful features to enjoy too. This game has everything a shooter should be, including single-player missions, cooperative games, multiplayer support, and Steam workshop integration so you can buy mods that add new maps, features, and more.

There's a lot of fun to be had on an Operation Harsh Doorstop server, including these features, which the developer believes should be in every game! Mod-Ability and Flexibility with Operation Harsh Doorstop Servers Mods add new maps, characters, and missions to the already fun gameplay.

Mod Support

Looking at mods, you can make many creative additions to your server to take it to the next level. Whether that's plastic army men as the characters to bring your childhood to life or horde survival adding dangerous zombie waves to survive against. With so many mods to try on your Operation Harsh Doorstop servers, the possibilities are endless for you and your friends!

Are you ready to head up the challenge for victory with Operation Harsh Doorstop Knowing what awaits you and your friends inside? There are lots to try with others when you can play the game and your server in any way you see fit because it's so diverse, mod-able, and flexible.