There's nothing better than spending time with friends and family, and one of the best ways to do that is through the amazing different worlds of gaming. A game server lets you play with friends and family like never before. Like a big heart, a game server offers a place to unwind, make memories, and have a lot of fun. From fending off dinosaurs in ARK to building your home in Minecraft, it's all here!

ARK: Survival Evolved

With the release of Mistlands and the recent tease of Ashlands, Hosting Valheim is getting a lot of exciting updates lately. For Valentine's Day, Valheim is a great game to pick up and play with your friends. With a bunch of content, stories, and adventures, Valheim also has mods to make it even better.

Valheim: Mistlands

It's Valentine's Day, so you might want to try some Valheim mods like Breed for Love for easy breeding. Or maybe a recursive hunter's bow that's like Cupid's bow.

Farming Simulator 22

You can also try Farming Simulator 22 mods on Valentine's Day servers. In addition to realistic farming and growing equipment and buildings, this game is already relaxing. Mods for Farming Simulator 22 can add a lot of Valentine's love to your server. There are maps, vehicles, and decorations you can add.

Celebrate love, even with your friends.

Get a game server and share the love with your friends! Try Valentine's day game events with your friends!

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