First things first: you need a fishing pole. This tool can’t be found anywhere and must be crafted by the players. Here’s what you need to do:

#1: Defeat Rufus the Foreman

Rufus the Foreman is a Level 20 boss found at the Bandit Logging Camp in the Forbane Woods. Drinking his blood allows you to unlock the recipes for the fishing pole and woodworking bench, both of which you’ll need to fish.

#2: Build your woodworking bench and fishing pole

To craft the woodworking bench, gather 12 planks and 60 animal hides.

To craft the fishing pole, gather:

  • 8x planks
  • 4x copper ingots, which you can craft by melting copper ores
  • 4x coarse threads, which you can find through scavenging. Try your luck in bandit camps!

#3: Find your fishing spot

Fishing spots, which are pretty rare, are areas that distinctly bubble relative to the calmer waters around them. They can often be spotted at Farbane Woods, Dunley Farmlands, and Silverlight Hills.

Once you find one, equip your newly crafted fishing pole, left-click on the fishing spot, then left-click again once it begins to glow. That’s the sign of a fish!

Fishing may seem like a far-fetched skill for a vampire, but it’s a vital skill nonetheless in V Rising. Use the fish you catch for fish oil or bones, which you can use for various purposes and recipes. You may also draw random items from your fishing spot, not just fish!