Valheim has quickly become a fan favorite since its launch in 2020, leaving avid players wondering whether or not there are any plans to move to other gaming consoles. With so many different consoles available, do the developers have something particular in mind?

Will Valheim be released to be played on different consoles?

Unfortunately, the developer of Valheim, Iron Gate Studios, has answered this question in the FAQ section, explaining that there currently are no plans on creating XBOX, PS4, or PS5 versions of the game. It’s important to keep in mind that this may change in the future. The game is still in its early release stages, and therefore has lots of potential in terms of expanding.

So the short answer is no, there are no plans on releasing a console version of Valheim. Though Iron Gate Studios was very careful not to discourage interested gamers by emphasizing that the possibilities are open for future development.

When could Valheim XBOX, PS4, or PS5 versions be released?

Since Iron Gate Studios hasn’t worked on creating these yet, it’s unlikely that anything will be released before the summer of 2022. With many updates planned for the remainder of the year, it’s likely that we won’t see a port to any console until at least 2023. However, this is all speculation. As the developer has mentioned, there isn’t anything in the works at the moment, but that could change at any time.

It’s likely that it simply depends on the response from interested players. If there is enough demand, then Iron Gate Studios may also pursue those console versions sooner rather than later. But as of now, don’t expect any console versions for Valheim to be released anytime soon. If interested in a Valheim console version, make sure to express your support and interest in Discord, community pages, as well as on Valheim’s social media accounts.

And for those who simply don’t like using a computer keyboard and mouse, there are workarounds for using a controller. The process is explained thoroughly in this article on using controllers to play Valheim. This is a modification that is primarily offered via a dedicated Valheim server, which is mentioned later on in this article.

Where can Valheim currently be played?

With over 4 million copies sold, Valheim is currently one of the new favorites for PC gamers. It’s available for purchase on Steam for $20. At the moment, it’s only compatible with Windows and Linux. There is a possibility that a version for Mac will be available later on, though it solely depends on the demand from interested players. If the demand isn’t high, then this will not be pursued.

While Valheim is not officially available for Mac users, those with MacOS can enjoy Valheim using the instructions explained in this article here.

A different option to play with others

Most people are interested in turning Valheim into a console game in order to play with others. And while Iron Gate Studios isn’t yet at the point of doing just that, the possibility to play with others on the computer is available to interested gamers through a dedicated Valheim server.

Using a dedicated server allows for faster response time and processing speed, as well as a smoother multiplayer experience.

This can completely change the entire gaming experience, and provide whole new gameplay. Those who are waiting (im)patiently for the game console release of Valheim, can get a similar experience on their PC by simply purchasing a monthly subscription to a dedicated Valheim server here. Players can choose up to how many players they would like to include, and go with a server that allows that.

If you’re unsure whether or not you want to commit to a $13 per month investment to play on a Valheim dedicated server, there is a one-day free trial to help you feel confident in your decision. Get your friends and if adventurous, a group of strangers, together to try out how playing Valheim with others is different than playing solo.

There are also other ways to enjoy the multiplayer feature, including on local or community servers. After all, isn’t half the fun playing with others and strategizing together on how to defeat the many beasts roaming Valheim?

More about Valheim

For those unfamiliar with the game, Valheim allows players to become Viking characters and explore the world of Valheim. This world is full of monsters, enemies, and requires players to build their own homes, as well as fight and protect others from the many beasts they encounter. Valheim consistently releases updates, expanding the world and upping the ante when it comes to survival.

The game is known for its unique animation style and intricate world. Players who are familiar with survival games and city-building games like Civilization will greatly appreciate the game that adds a hint of fantasy, as well as the simplicity of Sims.

The game has quickly amassed a dedicated following, creating quite a successful platform both on Twitch and Steam. Due to this interest, it has been able to continuously develop the game and create more diverse and engaging experiences for players. This is great news for those who are rooting for other console options. And for a small gaming developer, it’s important to note how unusual this quick success is.

Final Thoughts

With Valheim becoming more and more popular, the demand for console options will likely only increase, and while that doesn’t exist at the moment, players can enjoy multi-player options through dedicated Valheim servers. In the meantime, it’s important to express interest in these other options so that the developer can get a sense of how big the demand is for Valheim PS4, PS5, or XBOX.