The Viking survival game, Valheim, has amassed quite a fanbase across Reddit and Discord servers. And with popularity comes copious amounts of memes, both good and bad. We’ve compiled some of the best (and maybe worst) Valheim memes we’ve seen so far, so let’s get started!

Those who have been playing the game for a while, know how addicting it can be. It’s easy to suddenly spend 8-10 hours playing Valheim, especially when playing it with friends on a Valheim dedicated server (shameless plug). Six hours? These great Valheim memes show what’s up.



What makes Valheim so addicting? Probably the extensive options and content for exploration. There’s something about exploring a mythical world, protecting others, and building your own home. Some people have compared Valheim to Minecraft with Vikings, and they’re not wrong!

The game has a great way of constantly challenging the player. With obstacles like finding where to build a base that isn’t going to be easily attacked by trolls or other enemies, or being able to find enough resources to stay alive, there’s never a dull moment in Valheim! Is it really a wonder that a whole weekend can be dedicated to playing the game?

It’s a fact, one of Valheim’s most important resources is copper. Farming copper ore can not only be time-consuming but also tiring. Some even go as far as to call the mining process monotonous and tedious. Copper ore is an important commodity since numerous other things depend on it. Again, is this Minecraft with Vikings? This Valheim meme shows just that.

Another time Valheim meme? There’s definitely a pattern here. Building a base is incredibly important. Aspects like where it’s built can impact how many enemies there are to fight off, and should also be close to sources of food like berries.

It should also be built somewhere where defences can be taken into consideration. Terrain can make for a great defence, especially if it’s steep or on the plateau of a hill.

Speaking of bases, there are quite a few different ways to build bases, as shown in this Valheim meme. Building a base isn’t necessarily something that’s easy, since it’s not like there are step-by-step instructions anywhere in the game.

Having a base is important though, because as much fun as it is to fight monsters all day every day, it’s nice to have a reprieve as well. But don’t worry, some people just want a functional base while others might be seen as over the top.

In order to even build a base, the player needs to have the right tools in order to harvest massive amounts of resources and building materials like stone. Without these, one isn’t going to have anything looking as impressive as the Valheim meme image on the left. Once doing that, it’s important to make sure that the ground is level where the base is supposed to be built on.

Then, comes the more design-like part that can make the difference between constructing a shack or a palace-like structure. Attention to detail can make all the difference. For example, instead of leaving the floor a dirt floor, players can actually build a floor as well.

The swamp biome is notoriously difficult to navigate, and the thought of doing it alone can be understandably terrifying. The swamp is full of trees that overshadow the entire biome and make it difficult to see, which is not exactly convenient considering how many monsters are lurking in the shadows.

Some common challenges to face when delving into the swamp include the rain, poison, and hostile creatures like leeches, blobs, and skeletons. Wanting to go into the swamp with others is completely relatable, as there is definitely protection in numbers. For a multiplayer guide on how to play with others on a Valheim-dedicated server, check out this blog post.

One of these enemies (not in the swamp biome though) that Vikings have to face is the deadly insects. Ironically, this particular one is called Deathsquito, and they aren’t like your at-home variety. If you meet one of these unprepared then you’ll probably end up hugging the floor. And getting attacked by one of them while walking through the plains biome is inevitable.

While it may seem laughable that such a small seemingly insignificant-looking creature could even cause such major damage, they shouldn’t be underestimated. As annoying as mosquitos are in real life, they’re even more so in Valheim. Who wants to admit that they were defeated by a killer bug?

Greylings are relatively easy to handle and take care of. They are difficult to avoid since they roam almost every single biome, and can be a rather annoying pest. But why not take out to bird with one stone, or rather, with a large tree.

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Some top-tier Valheim memes to share with your Discord buddies, subreddit, or your mom (warning: she will probably be unimpressed). There are many more updates coming from Valheim, which are bound to be great sources of inspiration for more memes down the road. The latest update, Home and Hearth has already proven to add a whole new dimension to the game. You can read more about it here.

With Valheim releasing more biomes in the future, it’s a great time to get started and to have friends jump on board as well. It’s always more fun to have a group of friends who just get it (and are understanding when you’re tired after staying up all night playing). Since you can play with up to nine other players, it makes for a much more engaging and fun experience. Welcome to Valheim!