In the early access game Sons of the Forest, players can craft a bow and arrows to use as a ranged weapon. Crafting a bow requires two sticks, rope, and duct tape.

Advantages of using a Bow

Using a bow in the beginning stages of the game is highly recommended for better survivability against enemy attacks in Sons of The Forest.

It will also come in handy when hunting animals for food once you get the hang of it compared to running after animals with a spear or other melee weapons.

Disadvantages of using a Bow

Learning how to aim with a bow takes some time to get used to in Sons of The Forest but becomes worth it if you can get used to landing headshots on your enemies. Another disadvantage is that you can only carry 20 arrows of each type at a time. Despite being able to craft stone arrows on the go, it still becomes a danger in some situations where you are in danger and attempts to craft them during combat.

Types of Arrows

There are three types of arrows that can be used with the bow: Stone Arrows, Carbon Fiber Arrows, and 3D Printed Arrows.

Stone Arrows are craftable using feathers, four small rocks, and two sticks. Feathers can be taken from killing birds and duct tape can be acquired from containers, skin pouches, and graves.

Carbon Fiber Arrows are scattered all around the island in containers. You will have to keep revisiting these areas just so you can get them when the loot respawns.

3D Printed Arrows are in some areas with green markers, you'll find 3D printers where you can make 3D printed arrows as well. Only 20 of each type can be carried, and Stone Arrows is the only one that can be crafted while traveling around making it your most used arrow.

Overall, the bow is a versatile weapon that can be used in many different situations. It can be used in combat, although it is not as effective as guns. It has some advantages over guns, such as having more sustainable ammunition compared to a gun, and it can shoot different types of arrows depending on the situation.

Other Projectile Weapons

The Crossbow

Sons of the Forest also has the Crossbow. As a ranged weapon, the Crossbow uses crossbow bolts as ammunition. Cannibals can be killed by two hits to the body or one headshot with this weapon because it's non-craftable, accurate, and does a lot of damage.

To get a Crossbow, players have to find it while exploring the world in Sons of the Forest. Obtain a shovel and maintenance key first, then you can head over to the secret bunker where you'll find the Crossbow. You'll find this bunker under the Ship Drawing and next to the first schematic in the Shipwreck Cave. You will see the crossbow right beside a corpse.

A Crossbow can only be used with Crossbow Bolts. They can't be crafted, so they can only be found in the cave with the crossbow, stuck in a broken ship on an island near the cave, or on a cannibal tower in a village near a lake. There's a cap on bolts of 10, and they're gravity-driven, making it easier to aim closer to a target. They might also disappear after they're shot, so you can't get them back.

Sons of the Forest's Crossbow is one of the most powerful weapons. Although its ammo is extremely rare, it's hard to use as your primary weapon. It's a good idea to bring some help just in case of trouble as you search for the secret bunker. There will be all kinds of enemies along the way. 

The Compound Bow

In Sons of the Forest, the compound bow is a ranged weapon with a lot of power compared to the crafted bow.

The Compound Bow is more difficult to find, so you'll need a Shovel to get it. You'll also need a Rebreather and Rope Gun to traverse the cave located further west of the mountain. Getting to the compound bow is not as easy as you thought, but it is well worth it.

When you get inside, just follow the corridor until you find the open door. To get to the bathroom, go through the doorway on the far right. The Compound Bow is next to the corpse in the bathtub. You can also find the pistol suppressor attachment in the room you passed through to get to the bathroom.

It also shoots farther and does more damage than the crafted bow, allowing you to pick off enemies from a distance without drawing attention. 


There are advantages and disadvantages to every bow. For example, the basic crafted bow has a slow projectile speed, which means the arrow drops a lot earlier than the other bows. While crossbows can deal lethal damage to the head but you can't make bolts & they're hard to find around the island. And for the compound bow, you can use arrows and do great damage and accuracy over a long distance, so it sits well in the middle. Depending on where you are in the game, these weapons will always come in handy!

With that said, Sons of the Forest is a very difficult game to play alone, we highly suggest playing it together with your friends.

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