In order to progress in the game, players must find the shovel and rebreather among other different tools and equipment to access the deepest caves and untraversable areas on the island.

The Shovel's Location

You can find the shovel in a large cave near the base of the big icy mountain, there will be three impaled corpses near the cave entrance.

You can also find the slingshot among one of the corpses, as well as scattered cash outside the cave. Given that you are about to enter a cave, you need to be prepared to use armor, medicine, arrows, and other emergency supplies like grenades or other explosives. With that said, you should expect that there will be a lot of dangerous events that might or will occur once exploring these caves. We highly recommend saving your flares, energy bars and soda pops for long and perilous expeditions like this, as well as bringing a full stack of sticks so you can utilize them to create fires around the cave system.

What tools do I need to have?

You will also need a Rebreather and an Air tank in order to swim in the watery depths of caves and as well as a Rope Gun to zipline toward the area that leads to the shovel's location. 

Once you reach the area with a zipline, you will need to use it to get across an untraversable area.

Then you will need to swim deep underwater to get to the next area in order to find the dead construction worker that has the Shovel on his lap. 

You can also find a tactical flashlight mod for one of your guns.

Where can you use the shovel?

Now that you have a shovel, where should you use it? You can start by visiting marked areas around the map and start digging up loot & other unlockables. You can see in the screenshot below that you can also unlock the Shotgun from one of the marked graves around the island. 

Why do I need the shovel?

For one, it's a very important tool for you to have because it's the only way to unlock tools and weapons like the shotgun and maintenance keycard, which you will need in order to progress the game. You can also use it to dig up loose loot and bunker entrances.

Other than what I mentioned previously, we could only dig small trenches to influence the positioning of our traps. We are in hopes that we could do a lot more with the shovel when it comes to base building compared to other survival games like Minecraft, Valheim and etc. 

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