What is a rope gun and what is it for?

Sons of the Forest's rope gun is one of the most important tools that you'll need to progress in the game. It allows you to create zip lines and ride them through untraversable locations. 

Where can you find the rope gun?

The Rope Gun is located in a cave near the forks of the river near the west of the base of the mountain. You need to be prepared with extra healing, arrows, twigs for campfires, armor, food, and water. It's also worth mentioning that this is when Energy Bars & Soda Pops comes into play, the caves in Sons of The Forest are deep & can get rough if you run out of supplies in the middle of exploring it.

Timed Bombs

Inside the cave, follow the path until you reach a passageway blocked by a large mutant, there will be timed bombs on the floor next to a dead construction worker to the right of the blocked passage, throwing one at the mutant should be enough to open the entrance.

 Then follow the path until you reach a large room with a large group of cannibals.  In addition, you can also find the Cross, ammo, and other materials along the cavern.

Continue moving through the cave until you reach the split in the cave's path. Clearing the left side of the cavern should yield some more loot for you to pick up. Next, take the right path until you get to a cliff with a rope gun. Interact with the zipline by holding the "E", and it should zipline you to the cave's exit.

The Rope Gun

The rope gun uses grappling hooks as ammunition in order to create zip lines. You can craft grappling hooks at 3D Printers which take 100ml of resin.  These 3D  Printers are usually located within bunkers around the Island. There is one conveniently near the rope gun cave that you just explored.

Now that you have the Rope Gun, where will you explore next? or maybe how will you and your friends utilize the zip line to your advantage. Perhaps a zip line to each other's bases? Or maybe creating a quick escape from cannibals that leads to your traps? 

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