Skyrim Together Reborn

The launch of Skyrim Together servers has taken the concept of building your Skyrim character to a whole new level. You can now accomplish anything you want with bigger groups and experiment with fresh combinations of abilities and teams. So, which race and class would you choose to take on challenges alongside your friends? Or maybe use a server for quick completion, calling for different skill sets altogether? With so many options available in Skyrim Together Reborn, the possibilities are limitless!

Exclusive Race Passive & Skills

In Skyrim, each race has its own cool set of skills and advantages that no other race can claim. These perks vary from super helpful to downright disastrous - making for some really interesting gameplay experiences! With ten races in total, there's plenty to rank in a top ten list.

Top 10 Races:

#10 Dark Elves

The Dark Elves hold a unique position among the fascinating array of races in Dungeons and Dragons or Roleplaying Legends. However, their portrayal in Skyrim falls short due to their underwhelming racial ability, Ancestor's Wrath. This ability merely surrounds them with fire for 60 seconds causing negligible damage and lacking any significant impact compared to other racial abilities available.

#9 Breton

While the Breton's "Dragonskin" racial ability may seem impressive on paper, it falls short in practice. Despite its capability to absorb 50% of incoming Magicka for a solid minute, this perk necessitates taking hits from spells - something that can prove fatal if overdone. Although replenishing your Magicka is undoubtedly useful, putting yourself at risk by getting bombarded with magic attacks simply isn't worth it.

#8 Khajit

The Khajit race, beloved for their feline features, possess a racial ability that is unfortunately not as advantageous as one might hope - the ability to toggle night vision for only 60 seconds daily. Although players tend to avoid using this skill and opt instead to alter gamma settings, it remains an intrinsic part of the Khajit's capabilities. In spite of this limitation however, these nimble creatures still manage to carve out a niche in endgame Skyrim builds thanks in no small part to their remarkable unarmed proficiency which sets them apart from other races.

#7 Argonian

The racial abilities may not be perfect, but they do have some value. One ability, in particular, stands out - it grants a remarkable healing boost of 10 times the normal rate of natural health regeneration. Although primarily useful for tanky builds or those frequently engaged in battles, this ability shouldn't be underestimated and is worth considering when choosing your character's race.

#6 Redguard

The Redguard, much like the Argonians, possess abilities that are only of marginal assistance and therefore tend to be overlooked. In fact, quite a few gamers choose to discard their racial abilities if they happen to play as either a Redguard or an Argonian due to the insignificant impact these skills have on gameplay. Although it is true that Redguards can restore stamina 10 times faster for up to one minute instead of health - which could come in handy in certain situations - this particular ability fails to make any significant difference overall.

#5Wood Elf

The Wood Elf is truly one-of-a-kind, boasting a distinctive trait known as "Command Animal." As the name implies, this remarkable ability empowers players to befriend any creature for up to 60 seconds. While its utility may be somewhat limited in scenarios that take place indoors or underground - which constitute the majority of encounters in Skyrim - it can prove invaluable when venturing into uncharted territory outdoors. Moreover, there's no denying how awe-inspiring it feels to have a mighty snow wolf or gargantuan bear fight by your side.

#4 Imperial

The Skyrim Imperials are now aligning more with the traditional human archetype, but their "Voice of the Emperor" power gives them a unique advantage over others. Although this ability seems disadvantageous in a world full of magical beasts and mythical creatures, it actually proves to be beneficial as there are numerous interactions with humans throughout quests and stories. This power is convincing enough to sway even the most stubborn individuals toward their cause.

#3 Nord

The Nords possess an uncanny skill that bears a striking resemblance to the Imperials' technique. By unleashing a mighty roar, they are capable of affecting any adversaries within their immediate vicinity with an adverse effect. Unlike the calming impact produced by "Voice of the Emperor," this ability causes ALL opponents to be overtaken by fear for 30 seconds. Its versatile application in Skyrim extends beyond humanoid rivals, making it highly advantageous against beasts and other hostile creatures encountered in wilderness environments. As such, mastering this formidable tactic can serve as a key factor in survival during perilous journeys across the land's treacherous terrain.

#2 Orc

The Orc race in Skyrim is undeniably one of the most superior races due to their unique racial ability, "Berserker Rage." This exceptional skill enables players to deal with and receive double physical damage for an optimal duration of 60 seconds. For stealth-based characters, this window proves ideal to infiltrate enemy territories and eliminate assigned targets efficiently. On the other hand, tank-oriented builds can leverage Berserker Rage's power by withstanding opponent attacks while teammates unleash devastating magical bolts or arrows from afar. It goes without saying that these benefits become even more pronounced when playing Skyrim Together!

#1 High Elf

Without a doubt, if one intends to utilize magic extensively in Skyrim, there is no better race than the High Elves. Their inherent talent Highborn enables them to replenish their Magicka pool quickly and substantially. Consequently, they can unleash an uninterrupted series of magical abilities that surpasses any other class by far across Tamriel- even at higher levels of spellcasting expertise. However, suppose one has no interest whatsoever in practicing magic; In that case, the High Elf would not be the ideal choice for you. The aforementioned personal ability will hold little significance when compared with Orcs, Nords, or Imperials - who prove much more valuable additions to your team's roster under these circumstances. Players often prefer adopting specialized roles while playing on Skyrim Together Servers which are personalized according to their preferences!


Now that we've learned why both the High Elf & The Orc races are dominant, would you still choose another race to play in your Skyrim Together party? Some of us would, just to benefit our playstyle or even role to play and there's totally nothing wrong with choosing to do so. At the end of the day, our common goal is to have fun together.

Play how you like, rent a Skyrim Together server, and start your adventure today! 

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