Valheim Introduction

Valheim, a fresh survival game, has gained immense popularity and emerged as one of the hottest games on Steam. The Viking adventure has enticed countless enthusiasts who are eager to embark upon it. To ensure that your experience in Valheim is not daunting, we have compiled some useful insights for novices you cannot afford to miss. Although exploration and revelation are the game's most thrilling aspects, we do not intend to ruin your natural learning process by revealing everything beforehand. Instead, our aim is to accelerate your initial progress with a few handy tips and tricks so that you can make the most out of those first few hours!

Pick everything up to discover new things

You can pretty much gather anything in Valheim. Whenever you come across a fresh tree, chop it down and take whatever new resources or even random loot that catches your eye! Even if you don't know what to do with them at the moment, just keep hoarding them. Trust us, all these things will eventually come in handy – especially when there are so many of them lying around! Just like how Valheim players are always chopping trees for wood.

Explore before you expand

If you want to unlock more of the game, spend time exploring. It's not worth building a huge mansion at the beginning because better materials become available quickly and you'll end up tearing down what you made. Instead, it's best to construct a basic base with everything needed for crafting and exploration. When you've unlocked most of the building structures is when you should focus on creating your stronghold.

Keep your weapons/tools/armor repaired

If your tool stops working, don't create a new one. Instead, try to fix it whenever you can for free. It's important not to wait until you're far away from home and discover that your pickaxe is only half as durable as before. Valheim allows players to repair their armor and weapons at the forge. Keep in mind that there are different stations that you have to use in order to repair your tools.

Build all the stations & craft everything even if you don't feel like you need it

When you learn a new recipe, make it right away. Even if it seems like junk, trying to craft an item can open up loads of other recipes. If you stumble upon some bronze nails, whip up something with them and discover all the cool stuff you can create later on! You'll be glad we told ya.

Defeat Bosses

Your main goal is to take down the bosses of this realm, who should be seen as your targets. Each boss defeated will lead you toward the next stage in your journey through the game. To illustrate, defeating the initial boss is necessary before mining ore can commence. Therefore, aim to conquer all Valheim's bosses and advance forward accordingly.

Always utilize the full potential of your map

The map in Valheim has other features you might not know about. For instance, you could add customizable pins to it and keep an eye on where other players are located. To add a marker, simply select an icon from the right side of the map and then double-click anywhere on it. This will create a customizable pin/marker for future reference.

If you ever need to remove a marker, simply right-click on it twice. Additionally, if you come across something valuable like copper ore or any resource really - mark its location with a marker so that when all is said and done mining-wise; marking this spot again using an "x" would indicate that everything has been mined out already.

This way Valheim's explored map with markers becomes even more useful!

Test out different weapons, you'd be surprised how effective they all are

Explore and experiment with all the different weapons available in the game. There is no ultimate weapon as personal preference plays a significant role. It's essential to try them out for yourself to determine which suits you best! Moreover, specific enemies are vulnerable against particular types of weapons, such as skeletons being weak against certain weapon types that cause yellow damage numbers to appear when attacking them; hence it's advisable to use those weapons more often. Additionally, make sure you test your weaponry by clicking on its middle mouse button for special attacks while engaging in battles.

Food determines how much HP & Stamina you have

Valheim has a distinctive hunger and health system that operates in a rather unique way. Your stamina and overall health are linked to the type of food you consume, so it's essential to acquire various types of cuisine. By combining different foods, your stamina increases while your overall well-being improves significantly.

Backing up your world/savefile

Valheim is unexpectedly still in its early access phase, which means that there is a possibility of encountering errors. The game developers themselves suggest frequently creating backups of your world and character to prevent any potential mishaps. You can do this by locating the game files found here: C:\Users\[Username]\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim\. An easy way to get to the appdata folder quickly is by locating "%appdata%" using Windows search. In the Valheim folder, you will find two folders labeled "characters" and "worlds". Within these are where your backup files are located for both characters and worlds respectively. Just simply locate them and store them somewhere secure for safekeeping purposes!

Preparing Portals, and keeping an unconnected one in your base can save your life

Ensure that you always have crafting materials for portals at your disposal. You never know when the need to create a portal will arise, as they are crucial for exploration. Having a pre-made portal upon dying can greatly simplify retrieving your belongings, and avoid the frustration of perishing on an unconnected island. Thus, make it a point to bring along materials for portals when venturing to new locations in Valheim's expansive world. Join us at our Valheim Portal Hub today!

Introduce friends to Valheim & play together

Valheim offers a serene and calming experience when played solo. But, the true excitement lies in joining forces with friends for Co-op gameplay. Combining efforts to defeat bosses takes the game to new heights of enjoyment. A larger group means faster exploration and heightened creativity levels during playtime. Additionally, Valheim's dedicated server allows players to create shared strongholds and villages anytime they desire - enabling anyone to participate at any moment!

Rent a Dedicated Server

Playing Valheim with your friends also means that one of you must keep your computer running if someone still wants to continue to play in your world. The quick and easy solution to this is to rent a dedicated server from a server hosting platform such as Hostari. Including a 24-hour free trial and a regional ping tester. If you're also interested in modding, customer support can help you set your modded server up with ease.

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