What is SCP: Secret Laboratory?

SCP: Secret Laboratory is often criticized for being nothing more than a chat room with a game tacked on, but that couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, it's precisely this social aspect of the game that has garnered such loyal fans over the years. While other games may rely solely on flashy graphics and complex gameplay mechanics to attract players, SCP instead relies on its ability to bring people together in creative and unpredictable ways.

Sure, at first glance it might not seem like much – just another low-budget indie title competing against massive AAA franchises – but there's so much more to SCP than meets the eye. The Patreon page alone offers an impressive amount of content updates for a five-year-old game! And while some gamers may turn up their noses at what they see as outdated visuals or clunky controls, true fans know that these quirks are part of what makes SCP so endearing.

But perhaps most important of all are the friendships formed within

Teams & Factions

In SCP Secret Lab, there are three primary factions: the Lab Personnel, Class Ds, and SCPS. The role of the Lab Personnel is to contain any outbreaks within the facility by targeting chaos insurgency, Class D personnel, and escaped SCPs. Their ultimate objective is to ensure that at least one Scientist fully escapes from the compound alive. On the other hand, both Chaos Insurgency and Class Ds have a common win condition which involves eliminating all lab personnel while ensuring that at least one member escapes unscathed.

As for SCPs themselves, they represent a formidable enemy team with an overarching goal of wiping out every player except for those on their side- i.e., Chaos Insurgency members only. Therefore, in order to secure victory during rounds played in this game mode; it's critical to eliminate all Lab Personnel and Class D players before being taken down by relentless attacks from ruthless foes like SCP creatures!

How does the game work?

The boundless realm of SCP: Secret Lab can be overwhelming initially, leaving you unsure of how to proceed. As an aspiring scientist or Class D looking to break free from the facility, your primary objective is a challenging one. The perilous presence of deadly SCPs makes escaping seem nearly impossible - but fear not! Band together with others and make your ascent from lower levels while avoiding danger at all costs. To progress further towards freedom, acquire essential keycards and utilize machines to enhance them or outlast them until aid arrives for rescue!

Tips to get better at SCP: Secret Laboratory

At the start of each round, luck can play a big role in determining your success. While the sheer number of scientists and D personnel often allows them to survive initial encounters with SCP, it's impossible for the entity to eliminate every single person at once. To effectively combat these dangerous beings, you must understand their unique traits and weaknesses. For instance, Peanut cannot harm individuals who maintain direct eye contact with him; gathering an entire group in one room staring directly at Peanut will ensure safety. Conversely, SCP-096 behaves quite differently than its counterparts. Familiarize yourself with all SCPS by referring to the comprehensive wiki available for reference: All SCPs found within SCP: Secret Laboratory game can be easily accessed there.

How do I win or defeat SCPs?

Persuasive Paraphrase: In SCP: Secret Laboratory, engaging in human-to-human combat is a straightforward affair. Thanks to the low recoil of firearms, landing precise headshots comes easily and can take out an adversary quickly. However, taking down SCPs follows a different strategy - although headshots are not effective against them typically, one must beware of the plague doctor (SCP-049), who has the power to resurrect recently slain players as zombies (SCP-049-2). The key here is that these undead creatures remain vulnerable to headshot attacks and crumble under sustained gunfire with relative ease.

How do I capture SCPs?

There are certain SCPs that can be effectively eliminated, and one such example is SCP-106 or "The Old Man". In order to re-contain it, two brave individuals need to enter the Containment Zone and locate the infamous "Femur Breaker" machine. One person will have to make a sacrifice by entering this device while the other presses a big red button on the wall. After 30 seconds of horrific screams through intercoms, SCP-106 will return back into containment (and perish in its own demise).

Another similar instance where an SCP can be dealt with is when dealing with SCP-079 aka "The Old AI" which goes by Computer amongst many others. Re-starting each of its five generators located across Heavy Containment is enough to re-contain it fully using specialized equipment like weapon-tablet managers and Tier 2 Access cards - taking about a minute for each generator. Once all five have been successfully restarted, there

Decontainment and Alpha Warhead

There are only two SCPs that can be effectively re-contained through traditional methods but fear not as there exist two other foolproof techniques to swiftly eliminate these monsters (and any humans in their vicinity). In just 11 minutes and 45 seconds, the Light Containment Zone will be saturated with deadly corrosive gas. It's a surefire way to eliminate all human and SCP players caught within its reach. Additionally, you can opt for the Alpha Warhead Nuke - simply activate it from Heavy Containment and gain access permission to the Alpha Warhead room on the surface; press its button-Boom! All players located anywhere inside or outside of the facility shall perish instantaneously once it detonates. However, note that if activated accidentally, this process may still be canceled within 90 seconds by pressing an emergency stop button on-site before things spiral out of control beyond retrieval.

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