Introduction to V Rising

V Rising is the latest sensation in vampire games that is currently in its alpha stage and developed by Stunlock Studios - creators of Battlerite. This game has an innovative blend of RPG exploration with base building/raiding from Rust coupled with PvP mechanics similar to Battlerite, making it a remarkable addition to the modern RPG genre.

However, players might encounter some confusion at first when selecting their server. While V Rising can be played alone, forming a group with friends on a private PvE server would provide the best gaming experience. If you're not sure about investing your money yet but still want to give it a try then avail of's 24-hour free trial option!

V Rising Servers

V Rising offers a plethora of gameplay options, with official servers catering to diverse preferences. These include PvE (Player versus Enemies) Servers that don't entail PvP interactions, PvP (Player versus Player) Servers accommodating parties of 1-4 players and the option of duos in certain modes, as well as Full Loot Servers where up to four players can form alliances but beware - this mode is significantly more unforgiving than regular PVP servers. Unlike other game modes where only your items are vulnerable when attacked by enemies using siege golems at your castle after death; Full Loot servers allow for complete plundering of one's inventory and clothing!

PvP Raiding Mechanics


Are you ready to take on rival vampire bases? If so, let me guide you through the process. To commence your raid and demolish walls like any other PvP game such as Rust or Ark, a siege golem is required. However, this unique tool can only be obtained once players have progressed significantly in the game by defeating Terah the Geomancer and obtaining its recipe which consists of 16 Scourgestones, 200 Stone Bricks, 200 Gem Dust, and 12 Greater Blood Essence that can be crafted at a Gem Cutting table.

Once you've successfully utilized your siege golem to destruct one wall of an enemy's base; then explosives will suffice for knocking down remaining barriers just like it would work in Rust. Keep in mind though: since these machines are quite frail; it is crucial that friends accompany raids to ensure adequate protection from adversaries who may also try destroying them- doing so with occupants inside could result in fatal outcomes!

Blood Keys

As players emerge victorious in their battle against the formidable Solarus the Immaculate, they may question what purpose crafting the Blood Key truly serves. However, this ultimate adversary represents merely a stepping stone towards further untold wonders awaiting those brave enough to venture forth within V Rising's immersive world. While unlocking future content is undoubtedly a tantalizing prospect offered by possessing such an artifact, fear not - your journey is far from over! Countless named bosses and mini-bosses continue to lurk throughout V Rising's vast expanse of wild terrain waiting for intrepid adventurers like you to test their mettle against them.

Moreover, some may deem PvP game modes as akin to infinite campaigns due to regular server resets (much like Rust). These experiences offer yet another avenue through which one can hone their skills while enjoying endless hours of enthralling gameplay amidst ever-changing landscapes that continuously keep things fresh and exciting. So take up arms and embark on a thrilling adventure unlike any other

V Rising & the Modding Community

With V Rising still in its "Alpha" phase, the modding community remains relatively small. However, it's important to note that this dedicated group of enthusiasts does exist and offers around 10 beneficial mods for enhancing your gameplay experience. While these quality-of-life modifications shouldn't interfere with Official servers, if you ever feel uneasy about using them, consider renting Hostari dedicated servers without fear of any negative consequences. is a great place to connect with this supportive modding community!

Other Tips


With the Woodworking Bench at your disposal, you have the power to fashion a first-rate fishing rod. Venture out into nature's waterways in search of fish-filled pools and put your handcrafted tool to use by casting your line upon them. Upon seeing the resulting splash, take swift action by clicking once more to reel in an impressive catch for yourself.

Stone Bricks

To begin, you will need to build a Grinder. Once you possess the necessary equipment, simply insert no less than 12 stones into it to produce stone bricks, and you'll also produce stone dust a bi-product of crafting them. Although obtaining all the materials required for crafting the Grinder is relatively easy, acquiring Whetstones may pose a challenge. However, one effective method of obtaining them involves defeating Grayson the Armorer during your early game stages and then creating your own set of Whetstones thereafter.


If you wanna salvage ingredients out of useless items, simply build The Devourer, you can get the recipe by defeating Lidia the Chaos Archer. Then chuck your things in there and get some of the materials back that you need to create them again. It's pretty sweet if you have a bunch of extra loot lying around.

Getting more Iron

Although there is some iron present in the farmland, it may not be sufficient to fulfill your needs. If you truly desire a plentiful supply of this essential mineral, I strongly urge you to make your way towards the Haunted Iron Mine which lies just a brief stroll southward from Meredith the Bright Archer's abode.

What's coming to V Rising?

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