As we all know V Rising had an extremely successful start but shortly ran out of content & replayability, will this update be enough to bring back V Rising to its former glory? Today Stunlock Studios has revealed what's coming to V Rising. Check out what we've learned from the developer notes below.

Gloomrot Region

Developer Notes

  • New weapons and weapon skills, such as the much-requested Greatsword.
  • Changes to the current map to make it more visually attractive.
  • New areas and points of interest.
  • New enemy varieties in the current biomes.
  • Changes to progression to make the whole journey smoother.
  • A brand new biome with new enemies, factions, and V Bloods.
  • Multiple castle floors.
  • Expansion of Dunley Farmlands, such as the Quartz Mine and Glass Factory.
  • new spell school.
  • Quality of life improvements.
  • Trading Posts to buy valuable goods with your silver coins.
  • The Jewel system will allow you to customize your spells.
  • Large overhaul to the entire spell system and spell schools to improve combat.
  • Legendary weapons.
  • Territories, a revamp on the land claiming system.

Other notes

According to Stunlock Studios, this will only be the first update of out three major updates and plans to fully launch the game on the second update.

This update will also include multiple leveled castles. Yes, that means more floors! This will definitely add value to designing your base's defenses and give better protection to your valuable loot on top of the new land-claiming system.

Worried about map collision and the intimidating factor of building multiple floors on top of each other? Well don't sweat it, the developers made sure to add a visual collision mapping tool to show placement rules which shows you where you can place objects and layering.

"To make multiple levels possible in V Rising, we had to build in that third dimension with a series of exceptions and tricks. To make the game work and behave logically meant a massive revamp of how the space within castles work– and so far, only within castles. To do it in the greater world would be a whole other bag of issues to tackle, so we limited our scope to just the player-buildable space for now".

- Stunlock Studios

More sneak peeks on castle customizations

Customizable color variations for your castle lights. Now we can properly set the mood while we feed.


It may seem like a small addition of content for us gamers, but it translates differently to the amount of work that Stunlock Studios has to do in order to give the player base some new mechanics to play with. We also believe that some communication and transparency in the direction of where the game is headed would be beneficial to both the community and the developers but for now, we are at the mercy of waiting for what's to come in the near future for these three major updates to V RISING.

While waiting on the three major updates to be announced, V RISING is still worth playing with your friends. Whether its PVE or PVP, the game is very much enjoyable with a duo or a larger group.

Try our customizable V RISING server in the meantime.

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