ARK 2 Teasers

The developers of ARK 2 have revealed more exciting news about the upcoming game, including two new dinosaurs to meet. But first, how did we get here?

ARK is a great game that was released in 2015 where players explored different worlds, met dinosaurs, fought them, and worked with others to survive. To learn more about the ARKs and its visitors, like biologist Helena Walker and chemist Edmund Rockwell, players had to face many challenges during those adventures.

Players around the world play together on ARK to enjoy these challenges, and they still play on server-hosting sites today. I'm so excited about what the game has in store for us next with ARK 2 after all that exploration! Now that you know more about ARK 2, let's take a look at two new dinosaurs announced in the latest concepts!

Here are the two of the new dinosaurs in ARK 2

The Stegosaurus is a herbivorous dinosaur that lived about 150 million years ago during the Late Jurassic period on Earth. Although slow, it protects itself with plates and spikes on its back and tail. The Stegosaurus is going to make a mighty protector for players and tribes in ARK 2 since the developer has been given the title "Noble Guardian"!

The Brachiosaurus, this sauropod dinosaur lived during the late Jurassic period and was also known as the Aloof Behemoth. Its long neck and tall size made it famous, reaching up to 80 feet long and weighing 80 tons. We're sure Brachiosaurus will roam the lands adding to the beauty of ARK 2.

Is there any more news coming?

Community crunch 345 said more information about ARK 2 dinosaurs and details would be coming soon. ARK 2's latest news said there's a lot of behind-the-scenes info coming out soon. The two dinosaurs we saw are no clue about how much there will be to learn about ARK 2 as the first gameplay trailer comes out.

ARK 2's most exciting feature for me is the taming system so once it comes out, I'll be able to create a dinosaur army right away!

In the future, ARK 2 will be released in 2023. To learn more about the game, check out our ARK 2 blog.

Even though ARK 2 is still a bit away, our excitement and the excitement of the community continue to grow as we learn more about dinosaurs and game concepts in ARK 2.

Studio Wildcard is giving us regular updates and information so we can keep up with our curiosity. While ARK 2 isn't out yet, you can check out the ARK: Survival Evolved story and the available DLC and mods. You and your friends can play the game however you want on your own Ark server.

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