If you tame dinosaurs on your ARK server hosting, you get a lot of benefits. They include extra inventory space, flight powers, and a tribe protector. But which of the ARK Creatures are your favorite?

Community Creature Vote!

A new dinosaur will join us thanks to another vote from ARK creatures, and you'll have a say in who wins! You and your friends get to vote on a total of ten new creatures. Giant bison, cheetahs, and even the oldest insect are all dinosaurs and creatures to vote for.

The ARK creatures vote has already started and will run until February 6th. You can find out more about each ARK dinosaur and creature, how to vote, and how to play with friends on an ARK server! Vote for your favorite creature before the competition ends.

Candidates for the ARK Creatures Vote

Razana – A prehistoric crocodile found in Madagascar, the Razana was deadly to touch. It's said that its teeth are so strong they cripple prey in one bite. The main ability of Razana would be to use its teeth to snatch up enemies and apply a speed debuff while being a fast and powerful tame.

Acinonyx – The Acinonyx is said to have had a thick coat, more pronounced leg muscles, and unmatched speed in the early Pleistocene era. The Giant Cheetah is two to three times as big as the regular Cheetah. If it was in ARK, the Acinonyx would be a speedy travel companion for players with crazy melee attacks but low health.

Panthera Atrox – It would be dangerous to come across these creatures in ARK, since they're pack hunters, quickly swarming any prey that comes near them. In the ARK creatures vote, the Cave Lion is the largest big cat. The cave lions aren't tamable normally, but you could sway their cubs away from their pride so you could tame them.

Hatzegopteryx – A territorial Apex predator in the skies, the Hatzegopteryx is a fierce flyer in the sky. It's slightly larger than a Quetzal, so it can walk and sprint. It will pursue anyone within its skies with extreme animosity if it sees them. Worse, if you're caught fighting it in the sky, they're reportedly able to do more damage!

Rhyniognatha – It was said that the Rhyniognatha, the oldest insect in the world, lived almost anywhere, but prefers deep oceans and caves. In ARK, these creatures can travel by air, water, and land, so they'll be hard to escape. They're violent and chase you if you come near them. Rhyniognathas are hard to tame, but they produce a resource called Rhyniognatha Resin that works just like sap, honey, and ambergris.

Myotragus – Giant Mountain Goat Similar to a regular mountain goat, the Myotragus is capable of scaling mountains often living within those regions. This creature is said to be around resources within these regions, and if attacked, its deadly horns can cause havoc for players. Once tamed by players, the Myotragus would be capable of carrying extensive resources for players and their friends.

Giant Bison – In North America around 200,000 years ago, the Bison weighed between 2700 and 4400 pounds and thrived. It'd be like a cow in Atlas if the Giant Bison were added to ARK. They'd serve as farm animals for players in PvE. Ideally, these creatures would supply players with plenty of food and resources.

Nothosaurus – In case the Nothosaurus wins the ARK creature vote, it can be a travel buddy and egg collector. No matter what kind of egg it picks up, this dinosaur could fertilize it, even if it isn't the same kind. In the future, egg fertilization processes could be shortened a lot. An efficient traveler on land and in water, the Nothosaurus would make a great companion for players.

Gorgonopsid – This deadly Bloodhound Gorgonopsid lived during the Permian period, named after the Gorgon in Greek mythology. With the ability to track creatures and high-level tames, the Bloodhound would be a mid-tier tame for players in ARK. The Gorgonopsid would certainly make a vicious and supportive tame to have in ARK: SE. It could also be a companion to your other tames, like Fjordhawk or Dire Wolves.

Antarctotrechus Balli – Known for vibrating the sky with deafening fluttering sounds, the Bastion Beetle can be someone's friend. While passive, these beetles can become dangerous quickly if disturbed and crush players with their horns. With 75% weight reduction as a passive, these creatures would be an incredible friend if tamed and in ARK.

This was a hard decision to make because we had so many creatures to choose from. In the end, we think the Nothosaurus would make a fantastic addition to the game. Getting egg dinosaurs is one of the hardest parts of ARK's adventures, because it takes a lot of steps. If we had a Nothosaurus, though, eggs would fertilize right away, so we would be able to focus on the journey ahead. So, let's vote for the adorable Nothosaurus in this ARK creatures vote!

Here's how to vote for your favorite ARK dinosaur/creature

For a smooth vote this year, Studio Wildcard's ARK developers have opened a vote you can access here. Click on your favorite ARK creature vote candidate and then submit. The ARK creatures vote is shaping up to be a big deal for ARK: Survival Evolved players around the world! Who will you vote for when you're facing deadly dinosaurs and passive creatures?

No matter who you vote for, don't forget to cast your vote for the next ARK dinosaur/creature that's coming to your ARK: Survival Evolved server soon!