ARK The Survival of the Fittest re-releases with a world unlike any other. Studio Wildcard just re-released it with a massive revamp. It's on ARK Survival of the Fittest servers now, and it's ready to play.

There are lots of cool things to do in ARK SotF, including fighting in new areas, taming dinosaurs, and collecting new stuff! When players join an arena, they're sent to a lobby to get ready for battle. Here, players can talk about strategies, form tribes of 6, and battle each other. The tribes get sent into an arena after a short time has passed.

In order to tame the mightiest dinosaurs and beasts, players need to work together. During the formation of an army, a terrifying "ring of the dead" keeps shrinking, bringing players closer and closer to the center. Ultimately, everyone battles it out to see who wins. It may be you and your friends that win with some skill!

Get to know ARK The Survival of the Fittest Servers Massive Dinosaur Tribe Battles in ARK The SotF Arena battles can get really big in ARK The Survival of the Fittest! Whether it's with your friends or random players, we're talking about 60 players, playing alone or in teams of 2s, 4s, and 6. With dedicated ranked matchmaking, rewards, and tournament features, you're sure to have an amazing time!

Build a strong army and powerful items When you first fall into the maps, there's a lot to do. Find resources and tame dinosaurs to build an army. From scratch, you'll need to harvest, craft, and prepare for battle with your friends. It's best to rush the enemy once you're ready. Otherwise, you can hide in a bush until you're safe! At the same time, others will be doing the same and can take you on at any time.

In ARK The SotF, matches can last a while, but at the end, the intensity of the final fight remains the same. After all that time, players needed to get the best gear and build the perfect dinosaur army. The final fight is brutal, and players are placed near each other to survive.

Only the best will survive and bring victory to themselves and their teams! ARK The Survival of the Fittest console versions are coming soon One of the biggest highlights of the game was the announcement of crossplay support. Eventually, the game will release with cross-play, so Xbox, Playstation, and Nintendo Switch players can battle together. It's going to be awesome if your friends and players from any system have an epic dinosaur rumble on your server next year when crossplay is active.

Take the plunge into the ARK The Survival of the Fittest today Having read all about the excitement, are you ready to face off against your friends? There's tons of fun to be had, whether you're on your own or inviting your followers to your server for a royale. ARK The Survival of the Fittest game servers let you form a tribe, compete for glory, and gather your friends!