Are you ready to explore an elaborate underground cave system surrounded by corruption?

ARK's Aberration Expansion is now available for Nintendo Switch and ARK Switch servers. Packed full of new content, Aberration is sure to challenge players new and old.

Due to the intense radiation that resulted from the damage to the ARK after its atmosphere was lost, many creatures adapted with new abilities, like the Rock Drake's camouflage or the Bulbdog's glowing light.

As you and your friends go through these challenges, you'll need to level up, collect protective gear like hazard suits, and go into the radiation. Check out more of Aberration's DLC and how you can try it on your own ARK server as we explore the dark caves and the flowing element rivers!  

Nintendo Switch servers for ARK Aberration

ARK servers on Nintendo Switch are supported by us exclusively. Not only that, but we also support the latest DLCs and updates as well. There are a bunch of options like customizing your server, trying out DLCs like Scorched Earth and Aberration, and experiencing events like ARK Evolution.

With an ARK server, there's no limit to what you can do! New charged light creatures! A total of 15 new creatures and a boss have been added, including charged light creatures that shine their way through the darkness while also warding off Nameless and Reapers that lurk.

Just a few of the creatures you'll meet:

Rock Drake – Similar to a Wyvern, this rocky lizard-like creature can turn invisible, climb, and glide. A great ARK tame.

Bulbdog – Light-emitting bulldogs that love treats. They're part of the Aberration pack and play a big role.

Nameless – When these creatures appear on the surface, they have a tendency to roam in groups. Only speed, and a charged light creature, will keep you and your friends safe.

Reaper Queen – Probably the most dangerous creature in Aberration, you'll need to avoid its poisonous tail during battle. You can breed with one, have a baby, and raise it for yourself!

There's a new type of creature called Aberrant creatures alongside the new creatures from Aberration. The Aberrant creatures are similar to dinosaurs, but they have a twist. You'll want to look for creatures that glow in the dark, like the one in the image below, if you want to find one. Make sure you're geared up because they deal more damage than normal. It's up to ARK adventurers to tame or beat these monsters!

As you explore Aberration, you'll discover that the world is highly radiated and shakes violently too due to earthquakes all over the map. As a result, we don't recommend climbing during earthquakes.

Make sure you wear protective gear and use the right tools, including tamed dinosaurs, to survive on this challenging but beautiful map! Take a look at the official trailer for ARK: Aberration Expansion on the Nintendo Switch to see what lies ahead:

How to Play Aberration on Your ARK: SE Switch Server:

Start by going to your Nintendo Switch ARK server webinterface. After that, stop the server so you can adjust it properly. Click "General" under "Settings" to edit your server settings. Select the "Aberration" expansion pack from the dropdown under the "Mapname" option. Click "Save changes" and then start your server. Now you can play ARK Aberration expansion pack with your friends on your Nintendo Switch!

You've got a lot to discover after learning about the new ARK Aberration expansion pack. What are your plans for the Rock Drake? How about taming a Rock Drake and playing hide-and-seek with your friends using its invisibility? Whatever path you take, you'll be able to do so together when you play on an ARK Switch server with your fellow ARK friends! ARK Switch Dedicated Servers are available now!