New masks, bug fixes, and gameplay improvements are all included in DayZ 1.20, available now for PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

With these changes, new server settings, warning icons for connection stability and server performance, and new server settings, your DayZ server will be better than ever. A new DLC add-on for Livonia was released in the previous update, DayZ 1.19. New sawmills, villages, hospitals, hunting cabins, and so on were added.

The DayZ 1.20 update fixes a lot of problems that started occurring after the update was released. Here's what you can do today with friends on the official DayZ experimental servers and soon on a DayZ game server! Check out the Patch Notes and Updates for PC, Xbox, and PS4 below!

Introducing new gear like mime masks and carnival masks. Upcoming server changes include warning icons for connection stability and server performance.

The gameplay config now has a parameter to disable stamina's influence on inertia, as well as controls to control a variety of stamina consumers (combat, climbing, etc.).

Before kicking a player, the ping calculation was adjusted to be more forgiving.

DayZ 1.20 Fixes:

Hitboxes of items in characters' hands were misplaced.

It was possible to place items inside the stairs of the yellow church.

When approaching a restrained player with binding materials, the non-functional option was shown to restrain the player again.

It was possible to commit suicide with ruined firearms.

Carp, Mackerel, Chicken, and Rabbit were always yielding 100% pieces of meat when skinned.

Character sounds when picking up heavy items were not played for the player.

Drink sounds were not played when drinking from pots or cauldrons while prone.

The impact sound of items when landing in water was repeating itself.

It was possible to shave characters while having their face covered.

Equipped belts were not accumulating wetness.

Explosives could not be armed reliably.

Reduced instances of vehicle access are prohibited due to another user already interacting with it.

Fixed several broken character animations while restrained in prone.

Improved damage zones of the M1025 M1025 trunk bars did not move correctly with the model.

The sound of taking the SSG 82 magazine was doubled while prone.

The player could get stuck in a throwing stance.

During combat with the infected, the player's position could get reset to a previously infected kill ADS sensitivity wasn't properly applied in all cases.

Jumping while having a gag applied or removed could desync the player.

Manipulation of heavy items allowed players to access items through walls.

It was not possible to cover/uncover a character's head while they are prone.

It was possible to be force-fed while wearing a gas mask.

The character could teleport to the roof of their seat if an object was at the height of the door.

The inventory icon of the deployed spotlight was badly cropped.

Filling a gasoline canister at a pond could result in desync Items interfering with the character collision when dropped from gift boxes upon their destruction.

Other players could not hear the sound of a locked door being opened.

Using the quick bar while moving items in the inventory could result in desync.

Some twin doors could not be closed.

Several twin gates were not properly aligned to open in the same direction.

Some twin gates could not be opened by force when locked.

It was possible to access certain underwater locations.

Portable maps could display wrong map features when switching between servers running different terrains.

Fixed character collision shape-shifting causing clipping through structures.

It was possible to skip certain parts of the soda can opening animation.

The character collision shape would not adjust when falling into the water.

Switching between 1st and 3rd person camera could result in a distorted character.

The head torch with the yellow light did not update its light location in all cases.

Orientation of the light on the weapon flashlight was pointing forward when shouldered.

Chemlight on ground models of utility bags not lighting from the correct position.

A climbing player was able to phase through objects during the landing state.

The player could be teleported to the world origin when climbing.

Smoke grenades wouldn't show smoke outside of the players near distance network bubble.

Doors could have their animations and sounds played when reconnecting.

Previously felled trees would play their fall animation upon reconnecting.

Other players and creatures could be stuck in a permanently frozen animation state if they were to die while the client is being logged in.

Grass did not move with the wind on the tenement buildings.

Bear traps could hit the player in multiple zones.

The M3S truck was missing a sound related to high RPM Reversing lights of the M3S truck did not emit light.

Reversing lights did shine even when the engine was off.

Stamina was not decreasing during jogging in deep water.

Fixed several issues with individual buildings.

Fixed bad rendering of specific trees.

The source of the car horn sound was not properly located in 3rd person's view.

The Santa infected did not scream while attacking.

Placing certain items would play the place sound twice.

Dropping the wooden cooking tripod would make metal sounds.

The unloading sound and bullet animation of the Longhorn were not in sync.

The dry fire sound of the Derringer was too quiet while prone.

Fixed several exploits used to look through walls.

An exploit allowed to repair car parts in the pristine state.

It was possible to repair vehicle engines while they were running.

Certain scopes allowed to look through the smoke from smoke grenades.

The M1025 driver was accessing the wrong lever when switching gears.

Damaged Santa's hats looked pristine while worn.

The Claymore mine explosion did not have the proper volume when the player was facing away.

Opened food cans did not fit properly into the inventory UI.

Respawning from an unconscious state could result in a black screen.

It was possible to deploy the spotlight using the drop action.

The Gunter 2 did not have sounds when removing and attaching wheels.

Large clusters of rocks and cliffs could result in client performance drops.

Manual transmission from vehicles could get desynced when changed too quickly.

Chernarus Changes Green and black plate carrier vests and their attachments will now have their intended lifetimes.

Increased chance for a random positional bird, insect, and tree creak sound to play. Increased audibility of the positional bird sounds during windy weather.

Adjusted player spawn points for more even distribution.

Livonia Adjustments:

Paramedic infected will now spawn at Brena Health Care Center.

Dambog ammunition storage has new props.

GraffitiZ contest winner's artwork has been added to the map.

Police Cars were not spawning loot.

Patch 1.20 info for DayZ

Update 1.20 is available on DayZ experimental servers and is coming to PC, Xbox One, and PS4 DayZ servers soon. There's no official release date yet.

Are you excited about DayZ 1.20? Check out our DayZ server until DayZ 1.20 releases With DayZ 1.20 just around the corner, we're eager to play.

It's about time we went shopping in Charnarus+ and Livonia now that we've got a bunch of fixes and masks. Have fun playing with your friends, where you can share resources, build together, and have fun. Try the new DayZ updates on official DayZ experimental servers, or play the old version 1.19 on your own rented dedicated server!