Like what you see in many zombie flicks, access to cars can make or break your chances of survival in Project Zomboid. Luckily, plenty of vehicles are yours for the taking in the fictional Knox County. Here’s how to hotwire cars in Project Zomboid so you can put one in your arsenal even without a key.

What you need to hotwire a car?

Only characters with Electrical 1 and Mechanics 2, or those who chose the Burglar occupation in the character creation system, can try hotwiring. 

To find a car, it is advisable to scour through abandoned parking lots in shopping malls, schools, or gas stations. Usually the keys will be lying around near the vehicle, in the passenger seat, or in the glove box. Enter the car by standing near it and clicking to smash the window. Avoid smashing the driver's side as a zombie may appear and suddenly attack. Also ensure that you are holding a weapon to avoid sustaining injuries. 

If the key is nowhere to be found, this is the time to hotwire.

How to hotwire a car?

Get into the driver’s seat and press V. On the radial menu, select the Hotwire Engine option at the top. 

This is a loud process that takes some time and may not always work, so stay vigilant for incoming hordes of zombies that may attack while you’re distracted. You can try to hotwire a car as many times as you need. Once successful, you’ll be able to drive the car as usual. 

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