Valheim's Mistlands update has brought a new magical system to the game, allowing players to unlock powerful abilities and weapons. The key to unlocking this new system is Eitr, an ancient essence found in the roots of the Yggdrasil World Tree. When consumed, players will gain access to fire and ice powers.

New Magical Weapons

The new magic staves give players more ways to fight off enemies, including bubble shields, icicle projectiles, and summonable skeletons. These spells are tied to individual staves, so players must find or craft one before they can use them. In addition, two new crafting stations have been added: the Black Forge and the Galdr Table. The Black Forge is mainly used to craft tools and weapons from Valheim Black Marble, while the Galdr Table is used to craft magical items.

New Types of Enemies

Players will also be able to find new allies and enemies in the Mistlands, both on the ground and in the air. They'll also be able to find shelter in "dvergr" outposts, a new type of enemy that will help them in their journey. Finally, two new weapons have been added: the Staff of Frost and the Staff of Embers. The Staff of Frost deals Frost Damage rapidly at a minimal cost of Eitr, while the Staff of Embers costs more Eitr per shot but replaces rapidly firing small rounds for slowly launching large fireballs at enemies.

New Biome Boss

Introducing The Queen, this is the most challenging Boss to fight to date. Let's say that she is not alone.


Overall, the new magic system in Valheim Mistlands adds a whole new level of depth to the game. With new weapons, allies, enemies, and crafting stations, players will have plenty of new content to explore.

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