What's in the update?

It's been a long time since ARK was released, and we've seen lots of amazing DLC and game updates. From a half-corrupted spaceship to scorched earth. Now we're getting an Ascension update to the Scorched Earth DLC!

With the new ARK update, you and your friends can experience a new adventure right now, including an ending to the wonderful map, new expanding narrative content, and a winter wonderful event! Join us this holiday season to find out what's in the update for your ARK server! The ARK Scorched Earth Ascension Debut was released on September 1st, 2016, and it brought with it some tough challenges for ARK survivors. It takes a lot of skills to survive in the desert, so players can find incredible new creatures that thrive there.

More Dragons!

There are a lot of dragons in the DLC, which includes fairly dangerous ones! With the Ascension update, players can finally ascend. What exactly is ascension in ARK? In ARK, ascending means beating every boss in each story and discovering the true nature of each DLC. You have to put in a lot of work to do this, but in return, you'll be rewarded. Even better, you'll finally learn where the ending of the ARK Scorched Earth DLC is!

We're incredibly excited about this update and can't wait to dive in! You can catch a glimpse of it in this ARK Scorched Earth Ascension ending cinematic.

Is there anything else in the ARK update?

A lot of narrative content is going to be added to ARK. Fantastic actors Maddy Madden from The Wheel of Time & David Tennant from Doctor Who will play Helena Walker & Sir Edmund Rockwell. All of the Helena and Rockwell Dossiers and Explorer Notes have been voiced by the actors, and Sir Edmund Rockwell's fight on ARK Aberration is too.

There's magic in the air with this update just around the corner. With the holidays right around the corner, ARK's Winter Wonderland 7 event just started. Including new holiday items, chibis, skins, and gear, there's lots of fun to be had. You can even get to meet RaptorClause!

Have a blast updating your ARK server! Are you ready for the many new ARK adventures ahead? It's sure to be a jolly holiday this year, whether you play Scorched Earth, Aberration, or Winter Wonderland! You can switch DLC and maps to keep playing once you're done with one adventure.

Rent an ARK server and try Scorched Earth this season! See where your adventure takes you!

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