Valheim Server Hosting, powered by Hostari, is thrilled to present our latest offering - the user donation feature. We understand that running a server can be an expensive affair and managing costs while building a thriving community can often seem like an uphill task. That's why we've introduced this game-changing option that enables you to share the financial burden with your players.

By accepting donations from multiple users on your server, you no longer have to bear the entire cost of maintaining it alone. This innovative solution ensures that every member of your gaming community has a stake in its success and encourages them to contribute towards its upkeep regularly.

With Hostari's user donation feature, reloading your credit balance for paying invoices becomes effortless - allowing you more time to focus on what truly matters: enhancing gameplay experience for all members! So why wait? Take advantage of this incredible tool today and ensure uninterrupted access at all times!

Why You Should Collect Donations

  1. You can monetize your community not have to pay for server costs out of your own pocket
  2. If you're playing with friends, your friends can also cover the costs of your server, without you hassling them to send money to you through PayPal.
  3. Sometimes, we run donation promos on Valheim Server Hosting. Drum up support and get bonus credit for your server! You win, your friends and community win, and everybody wins!

How To Donate

Donations are quick and easy to set up. Once you have at least one active subscription, you should be able to find the “Billing/Donations” tab in the left navbar. Simply copy the donation link and send it out to your prospective donators.

You share this donation link on Discord, share it with your community on YouTube, text message, or email.

Billing/Donations Dashboard

The billing/donations dashboard shows the following information:

  1. The donations link, which you can copy and share with your friends or community members
  2. Real-time credit balance, which is how much credit will be used to pay for your next invoice. All credit is applied towards the next invoice. For example, if your next invoice is $16.00 and you have $5.00 of credit, your payment method on file will only be charged for $11.00.
  3. Donation Tracker Table, which contains the donator's email, donation amount, and when they donated to the server

When your donator clicks on the link, they will be directed to a form where they can enter their email and username. They can then choose to proceed to the Stripe checkout page where they can adjust the amount (minimum $1.00) and fill out their card details. After the payment is successful, they should receive a confirmation page with all the transaction details. You will also receive a confirmation that someone has donated to your server.

New Donations Page

Stripe checkout page

Viewing Your Credit Balance

As a server host, you will be able to see your accumulated credit balance on the Billing/Donations page. If your subscription(s) for the current month has/have been fully paid and you still have a remaining credit balance, this will be used to pay for your next invoice.

Valheim Server Hosting powered by Hostari provides an easy way to make donations with the following steps:

As a server owner

1. Log in to 

2. Navigate to the Billing/Donations tab on the left panel which appears if you have at least one active subscription. 

3. On the Billing/Donations page, copy the link from the "Your Donations Link" section and send it to prospective donors.

As a donator:

1. Copy the donations link and paste it into your browser. 

2. Fill out the donation details such as email and username. 

3. Click on "Proceed to Payment". You will be redirected to the Stripe checkout page.

4. On the Stripe checkout page, enter the amount you would like to donate (minimum $1.00).

5. Enter your card details and the name on your card then click "Pay". 

That's it! You have successfully made a donation. You should see a summary of your transaction on the succeeding page. We will also send a copy of your invoice to your email. 

Payment Methods

At this time, our platform only supports payments through Stripe. However, if you’d like to donate through other means such as Bitcoin, PayPal, etc., please contact customer support; we would be more than happy to assist you.

We understand that running a server can be expensive and we want to make it as easy as possible for server owners. With user donations, server owners can now easily spread out the cost of running their servers across multiple users. This new feature will help make running your server more efficient and cost-effective.

If you have any questions or concerns about user donations such as receiving invoices and payment confirmations, please contact our customer support team; we’ll be happy to help. Thank you for choosing Valheim Server Hosting!

Getting started

Why not try our new feature by renting one of our ARK: Survival Evolved Servers for your friends & communities, maybe Valheim would be more fitting if you haven't tried it yet!

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