If you’re a fan of action survival games, you’ve probably heard of ARK: Survival Evolved. 

This multiplayer throws dinosaurs, fictional creatures, and natural hazards at you whilst you fight to survive with your friends. Since dedicated servers, like Hostari, are known for their high-performing technology, ARK gamers often prefer them over their own PC.

Here’s all you need to know about the dedicated server’s system requirements.

What are ARK Dedicated Server System Requirements?

Working Memory (Random Access Memory)

RAM holds data for you — the bigger your game world, the more RAM you’ll need. This includes adding mods or plugins. For a small extension-free ARK server, a minimum of 8 GB is required. If you want the freedom to expand, give yourself more GB RAM.

Hard Disk Space

ARK servers usually need 10 to 15 GB of disk space, but you’ll need extra room for user files and mods. We recommend you have at least 30 GB set aside for your server. Use SSDs for storage — they work faster than HDDs.

Processor (CPU)

The standard recommendation is 2 physical cores, each with over 3 GHz speed. For larger game worlds, you may need higher CPU performance.

Internet Bandwidth

Low ping (or latency) means quicker in-game response times. Your internet should support high upload speeds if you want smooth gameplay. For a reliable connection, use 50–100 Mbps.

Operating System

The most suitable operating systems are Windows, Linux (Ubuntu, CentOS, etc.), and MacOS.


Your network should allow the ARK server to connect to the following ports:

  • UDP 27015 (Steam’s query port)

  • UDP 7777 (Game client port)

  • UDP 7778 (Raw UDP port)

  • TCP 27020 (RCON port)

You can have multiple servers on the same hosting platform — just be careful with your RAM and CPU usage.

Why is it Important to Meet ARK Dedicated Server Minimum System Requirements?

You’ll Be Free From Lags and Slow Startups

You’ll need enough RAM and CPU to prevent ARK from lagging. Server hosts state their specs, so you can get an idea of their CPU and RAM. 

At Hostari, we offer ARK gamers all the power they need with 128 GB RAM and 9900K processors, so they can play to their heart’s content.

You’ll Enjoy an Uninterrupted Gaming Experience

Meeting the storage requirements means you’ll always have space to back up your server. No need to worry about losing your progress if you encounter bugs or crashes.

You’ll Experience a High Level of Customization

If you want to customize your server with mods and plugins, you’ll need more memory and processing power. Not meeting the right requirements means limiting your customization and reducing your performance quality.


ARK is a beloved survival game, which works best on its own dedicated server. No one wants a laggy game, so it’s important to meet the system requirements. These can vary depending on your game world, but the general rule is — the busier your server, the higher your specs.

With Hostari, you can get your very own dedicated ARK server up in running in minutes —  not hours.

Start your free trial today and try out our ARK server — with no credit card required!

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