Starbound has been around since 2016, and the beloved 2D action-adventure is still highly-appraised today for its charming nature. 

The game can be played solo or with friends, but most of us agree it’s more entertaining as a multiplayer game. Starbound, like Minecraft, needs its own server, and what better way than to rent a dedicated server?

Hosting platforms like Hostari provide high-end machines for Starbound to run on, but choosing the right provider can be tricky. Luckily, we’ve made this process much easier for you by curating our own list of hosting platforms. Before we deep dive into that, though, let’s go through some basics.

What is a Starbound Dedicated Server?

A Starbound dedicated server is a machine you can rent from a third-party site — these machines solely exist to host Starbound (and other games) for you so you can give your computer a break. Server hosting platforms tend to use powerful hardware to ensure you get fast connections and a great gaming experience.

Since you can only rent dedicated servers, you’ll have to pay a subscription fee to use them. Most prices vary based on player slot limits and storage.

Why is it Important to Have a Dedicated Server for Starbound?

Enjoy Multiplayer Mode

To access Starbound's multiplayer mode, you need a way to connect with your friends. This is where a dedicated server comes in handy, as it allows players from around the world to enter the same lobby.

Exclusive Gaming Experience

Hosting your dedicated server means you have control over who enters your lobby. Without an invite, players cannot join your server. You can also kick out players who act inappropriately.

Enhance Overall Performance

Dedicated servers have access to higher CPU and RAM levels than average computers, resulting in better game performance and little to no lag.

Criteria to Consider When Choosing a Dedicated Server for Starbound

Potential Downtime

Server hosts typically have measures in place to prevent downtimes, such as 99% uptime guarantees, and automatic backups in case of server crashes. This minimizes the risk of losing your progress.


Server hosting platforms should always offer the option to scale up or down. Situations can change, and you may require more player slots or storage. Check what upgrades are available and how easily you can change your subscription plan.

Customer Support

In case of emergencies, you'll need fast-responding customer support. Ideally, there should be 24/7 support available, where you can talk to knowledgeable human beings about your issues.

Best Dedicated Server Hosting Platforms For Starbound

Starbound has been around for a while, so many server providers have added the game to their collection. With so many options available, it can get overwhelming quickly. Fortunately, we’ve compiled a list of the best hosting platforms to make finding the right one much easier.

Here’s the list of providers we’ll cover:

  1. Hostari: Best for Hassle-Free Server Setup

  2. PingPerfect: Best for Connecting With Players Worldwide

  3. Nitrous Networks: Best for Low Latency Connections

  4. Apex Hosting: Best for Minimizing Gameplay Interruptions

  5. GameServerKings: Best for Low-Budget Server Hosting

Now, onto the discussion!

1. Hostari: Best For Hassle-Free Server Setup

At Hostari, we aim to simplify server configuration, so players can spend less time setting up and more time gaming. Our data centers are located across the globe to support as many gamers as we can, utilizing high-performing hardware such as Intel Core i9 9900K processors (each with a minimum of 128 GB RAM).

Key Features

  • Instant Setup: Your server will be automatically set up and ready within 5 minutes of purchasing.

  • Custom Control Panel: The control panel comes with an intuitive UI, making server management quick and simple.

  • Global Data Centers: Hostari has data centers located around the world, including Brazil and Canada, so you can play with people regardless of location.

  • Automated Server Backups: Your saves are backed up regularly so you never have to worry about losing your progress.

  • Access Controls: Customize your gaming experience with plugins, mods, and custom maps.

  • Secure Servers: Hostari protects its network against cyberattacks, including source-engine query attacks, UDP floods, and DDoS.


Hostari has four plans available for Starbound:

  • Glitch ($8.99/month)

  • Floran ($10.99/month)

  • Novakid ($10.99/month)

  • Apex ($11.99/month)

The starting plan (Glitch) comes with 4 GB RAM and 16 player slots. After signing up, you can enter a 24-hour free trial (without adding a credit card).


  • Automatic setup.

  • Data centers across the globe.

  • Protection against multiple cyberattacks.

  • Intuitive control panel interface.

  • Full-time support.

  • Admin/ban interface.

  • Automated server backups.

  • Automated updates.

  • 24-hour free trial (no risk).

  • Simple configuration process.

  • Mod curators.

  • Multiple billing cycles.


  • Player slot limitations.

  • Disk space limitations.

2. PingPerfect: Best For Connecting With Players Worldwide

PingPerfect hosts over 170 game servers across 10 different regions, including the US, Australia, and Asia. Their servers feature a user-friendly control panel and 24/7 support to make game hosting stress-free.

Key Features

  • Instant Server Setup: Your server will automatically start installing and setting up after purchase.

  • Full Backup System: Their custom backup system minimizes server interruptions and ensures you never lose your progress.

  • FTP/File Browser: You have full access to File Browser protocols and FTP to transfer files to your server in real time.

  • Game Switching: Swap out games seamlessly with their easy-to-use game-switching facility.

  • DDoS Protection: PingPerfect's custom network is DDoS-protected to keep your server safe and secure.


PingPerfect’s pricing starts at $10.52 for 10-player slots and PingPerfect branding. You can pay more for:

  • Branding removal ($0.68)

  • Platinum support ($40.55)

  • Server Setup ($6.76)

  • NVMe ($2.03)

  • Migration ($10.81)

  • CPU priority (normal = $4.05, high = $13.52)


  • 48-hour free trial.

  • Instant setup.

  • Full FTP/File Browser access.

  • DDoS protection.

  • Server backups.

  • Mobile app.

  • Low minimum player slot (10).

  • Many locations.


  • Migration fees.

  • Limited storage options.

  • Limited currency options.

3. Nitrous Networks: Best For Low Latency Connections

Nitrous Networks has been providing affordable and reliable services since 2010, having deployed over 200,000 servers to 138,160 customers. Their data centers are located across Europe and the US, and they use high-quality hardware to ensure low latency levels.

Key Features

  • SSD Storage: Nitrous Networks uses the latest SSD technology for fast connections.

  • DDoS Protection: Game servers are protected against DDoS attacks using global filtering PoPs (point of presence).

  • Instant Setup: Servers are set up within seconds of purchase.

  • Premium Connectivity: They utilize high-quality network hardware and T1 providers to minimize latency.

  • Custom Panel: Their fully custom game panel, NiTROPanel, makes server management easy.


Pricing starts from $9.80/month, and comes with:

  • Unlimited RAM

  • Up to 32 player slots

  • DDoS protection

  • Free MySQL & web hosting


  • Free mumble voice server

  • Free MySQL with every plan

  • Unlimited RAM

  • Free web hosting

  • Low minimum player slot (10).


  • Limited locations.

  • No migration option.

  • Low player limit (32).

4. Apex Hosting: Best Minimizing Gameplay Interruptions

Apex Hosting utilizes the latest hardware and advanced security measures to ensure that your game server runs smoothly. They prioritize high CPU clock speed and TPS to prevent interruptions to your gameplay.

Key Features

  • Advanced DDoS Protection: Apex Hosting offers enterprise-level security that can handle large cyberattacks, even those up to 300 Gbps.

  • Control Panel: Manage your server settings from the control panel on both PC and mobile devices.

  • Support Team: Their full-time customer support is available via tickets or live chat.

  • Instant Setup: Start your server quickly and effortlessly with their automated setup feature.


Apex Hosting offers 7 plans, ranging from 2 GB RAM ($9.99/month) to 10 GB RAM ($49.99/month). Each plan offers a discounted price for the first month. There’s a bit of room for customization through add-ons and extras, such as:

  • Dedicated IP ($4.00)

  • Permissions setup ($10.00)

  • Premium support ($5.00)

  • Plugin installation ($15.00)

  • Modpack creation starter ($15.00)


  • Instant setup.

  • The control panel is accessible via mobile & web browsers.

  • 24/7 live chat/ticket support.

  • Discounted price for the first month.

  • Unlimited player slots.

  • Advanced DDoS protection.

  • Full FTP file access.

  • Low latency.


  • Low starting RAM (2 GB).

  • Limited disk space.

5. GameServerKings: Best For Low-Budget Server Hosting

GameServerKings provides fast and easy hosting services at low prices, along with 24/7 premium support. They’re always striving to improve their technology and lessen the stress of technical configuration.

Key Features

  • Dedicated 24/7 Support: Their staff, located around the world, provides premium support 24/7.

  • Zero Lag: Their hosting hardware is curated by a team of dedicated engineers to ensure a smooth and lag-free gaming experience.

  • Additional Services: In addition to hosting, GameServerKings offers web hosting, MySQL, CPanel, and other services.


The starting price is £5.35 for 6 player slots (1-month plan). Every server comes with a minimum of 64 GB RAM, a 3.6 GHz Quad-core CPU, and multiple SSDs.

You can choose an activation period of:

  • 1 month

  • 3 months

  • 6 months

  • 12 months


  • 99.9% uptime.

  • DDoS protection.

  • Easy-to-use RCON utility tool.

  • 24-hour refund.

  • 24/7 support.

  • 24/7 runtime.

  • Low prices.


  • Low minimum player slot (6).

  • Limited locations.


Starbound is a well-supported game that’s hosted on many platforms. Choosing which platform to rent from can be a difficult decision, and ultimately depends on your specific requirements, whether that’s pricing restrictions or ease of use

Hostari is ideal for gamers who are looking for a high-performing server, without the hassle of manual setup. We aim to streamline the process, so anyone can do it in a matter of minutes. 

Start your free trial today to host your Starbound lobby hassle-free.

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