Valheim Mistlands' Weapon Updates

The Valheim Mistlands update introduced a variety of new weapons, including melee weapons. These weapons are some of the best in the game and offer a unique twist to Valheim’s gameplay.

New Mistlands Weapons

The Mistwalker is the newest one-handed sword. It has 75 pierce damage and 40 frost damage, making it a great way of dealing with most enemies. Additionally, its attacks can be used to clear nearby mist while exploring the Mistlands.

The Krom is the new two-handed sword. It has 150 pierce damage, allowing it to one-shot enemies like Draugrs and Fulings.

The Spine Snap is a direct upgrade over the Draugr Fang since it deals 72 pierce damage. The Arbalest is a crossbow that deals 200 pierce damage per shot, but takes a long time to load each shot.

The Himmin Afl is a two-handed spear that utilizes the power of lightning. It looks cool and allows you to take down monsters one by one.

The Staff of Frost and Staff of Embers are two elemental weapons that shoot icicles and fireballs respectively. They both cost Eitr and health to use.

Lastly, the Dead Raiser and Staff of Protection are two weapons that utilize blood magic. They cost health in addition to Eitr, but you can load them beforehand and they will remain loaded.

Our take on Valheim Mistlands

Overall, the new weapons in Valheim Mistlands offer a unique twist to the game. Whether you prefer one-handed swords, two-handed swords, spears, or crossbows, there is something for everyone. It feels like a breath of fresh air, having new game mechanics on top of a new biome to explore, and is definitely worth coming back to. Invite your friends and rent a Valheim Server to try out Valheim's new Mistlands Update.

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