What is Conan Exiles?

Conan Exiles is a hardcore adventure game where you construct epic bases and scavenge for supplies across the huge map. You'll battle giant beasts, capture little critters, and even fight other players to keep yourself safe. Until the Isle of Siptah Expansion came out, most of the endgame was all about player vs player battles.

If you're new to Conan Exiles and looking for some tips, the old-timers have a ton of advice. But first things first: make sure you know what kind of server you're getting into! If fighting beasts and building castles sounds like your thing, then PVE is where it's at. On the other hand, if Ark or Rust is more your speed, get ready for some serious PVP action.

What's in the Conan Exiles Age of Sorcery Update?

Lots of players have mixed feelings about the game right now, like how official servers are using a battle-pass system and there are too many hackers causing trouble online. These issues make it hard for people to figure out what to do in Conan Exiles. But with the new Isle of Siptah update, they've added loads of cool PVE features and ancient vaults that should keep longtime fans happy. There are even more legendary bosses you can take on now - I'd suggest gathering some friends and going after the Green Dragon! And if you're really serious about playing, maybe consider getting your own private server so you can play however you want.

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Purge Points

As you play and do stuff in the game, your character or clan will earn Purge Points. If you're not that into it, expect a purge once every week but if you're really active then it could happen daily. Purges are pretty much like those Valheim events where enemies pop up around your base to wreck things and ruin your day. Depending on which area of the map you're currently exploring, there's a secret difficulty level thing going on so some places have tougher NPCs and bosses than others.

Thralls and the Wheel of Pain

One of the most exciting features in Conan Exiles is taking control of nature. This means that you can make even the toughest warriors bow to your commands and fight under your leadership till their last breath. When playing with friends, you can roam around the world with a small army always prepared for any challenge. You are able to capture human NPCs from various regions across the globe and put them on the Wheel of Pain so they submit to you. Once broken, these individuals become your Thralls who will help enhance all equipment created by giving better quality items or be appointed as personal bodyguards!


New players often struggle to figure out where they can interact with the people and things in Conan Exiles, like tribes, thralls, or resources. It's not always easy to find named Thralls and NPC camps depending on which area you're in. Thankfully, there are some great online Resource Maps available for us to use that show everything we need! Two of the best interactive maps around include The Conan Exiles Wiki Resource Map.


In Conan Exiles, there are a bunch of different religions you can pick from when you start playing. You have to go around and find the religious leaders if you want to be all multi-faith and stuff. These faiths give you some cool bonuses, like being able to summon godly help in fights or whatever. But honestly, it doesn't make that big of a difference which religion you choose - they've all got their own perks. If ya wanna just keep things simple though, Set is probs the easiest one to get into since they hook ya up with sweet gear right off the bat without needing too much effort on your part!


You can totally play Conan Exiles alone, but it's way more fun to jump into multiplayer with the rest of us. Some of those monsters are seriously tough, and taking on dungeons solo is just asking for trouble. You can always have some Thralls or pets tag along to keep you company, but they're not exactly skilled craftsmen or great at helping you level up either.

Other Co-op Survival Games

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